Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado Shootings

First of all, I wanted to say how my heart went out to those poor, unfortunate people of Colorado, and the friends and families of the victims. It always strikes me as the most unnecessary evil of humanity when people who are sick and hurt, lash out in the manner which makes innocent people pay for the anguish of others.

It seems that these shootings are always too numerous. There are too many examples in which to host a conversation about gunmen wielding their hate into the crowds of unsuspecting civilians.

However, while everyone else around is talking about the event, I thought I would take a different view of it.

My view consists of wondering how an intelligent young man (and I'm not going to use the accused's name, so as to not glorify his acts or name) could fathom such an anti-social act. It is mind-bending, to say the least.

The one thing that I really believe about people is that we are very basic beings. I know that most of us think that people are really complex, but we're not. We follow comfort zones and basic behavioural patterns that keep us on a logical path in our lives. For example, when an event happens, we usually have a learned response in how we deal with the reality of what we perceived happened. We then follow behavioural patterns consistent with our personality in dealing with it.

The only complicated view in that, is figuring out what happened along our lifetime that set these wheels in motion. However, usually in the ending tragedy such as these, it is deemed "not really important"

I think if we are to learn from these tragedies in life, we really need to look out at the causes and effects in starting these patterns in motion. If you fix the problem before it becomes a problem, then you eliminate the possibility of the problem, right?

And in this case, I really would like to know what the accussed gunman really believed that lead him to lashing out in this matter. Certainly there must've been signs around him, and the people closest to him must've thought that something was "wrong" with his moods, attitude, and general demeanor. There must've been a slew of symptoms of his growing fury that manifested inside of him.

Yet, this young man flew under the radar. After allegedly planning his masterpiece exit strategy, his ends up getting caught in the parking lot, and had no intention of killing himself like so many other gunmen do.

Clearly, this deranged young man was screaming out for someone to listen to him, and understand that he felt tortured enough to go to these lengths to get some attention.

It seems so amazing that we all have this need to be heard, or listened to, or understood, yet we don't walk into public places and open fire. So I wonder what this man's story is?

I can't even imagine the horror of being this kid's parents, and the lifetime of guilt that will most likely be present for the crimes their son committed. It really is a shame...

In the upcoming months, we will get to hear his side of the story, and he will get the attention that he craved. It's just pathetic that it all could've been possible with the empathetic ear of someone listening and loving this kid, and not after 12 people are dead...