Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Did Revolva Pick an Online Fight With Oprah?!

I think one of the most unattractive things in this world is the disease called, "Entitlement."

I was actually brought to the attention of that issue today, when I saw a post on Facebook that some hula-hoop carnie named Revolva ranted about.

The funny thing about this, is she ranted this to OPRAH!

Here's the link to her rant...


Like, are you kidding me?! Probably one of the most powerful, influential people in the world, and this Revolva person is ranting to her about not being paid to perform whilst attaching herself to Oprah Winfrey's massive platform.

In her rant to Oprah, Revolva seemed a little miffed that she was asked to work for free at Oprah's event. Instead of being grateful for the fact that she is included in a show involving Oprah, and all of the contacts and people Revolva will meet, Revolva is pissed that she must work for free, while complaining that Oprah is charging upwards of $999 for a ticket to the event.

The entitlement in Revolva's rant is hilarious, and yet she is completely oblivious to it.

There is a reason why Oprah is worth billions and Revolva is worth "Negative 20K"

Perhaps if Revolva saw the worth in herself, and her act, she wouldn't feel the need to rant to one of the most powerful people in the world in defence of herself.

The reason Oprah doesn't have to pay for acts in her show is because there are amazing, talented people in the world who realize that attaching themselves to Oprah will open up a world of opportunity for them and their talents. That said, Oprah could probably CHARGE people to be on her stage and platform, and there would STILL be a line up because the value of being a part of Oprah could be LIFE CHANGING.

So, my thoughts to you Revolva, and people like you, is to continue being entitled in what you're doing. You're obviously where you are because of what you do, which is being a people repellent. When you realize that mastery and talent coincide with genuine service, you will no longer need to rant to the world's most powerful people as to why you are not being appreciated, valued and acknowledged.

Until then, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame on the internet attaching yourself to Oprah in the least possibly contributing way...

Investing in Your Relationships

Perspective is a funny thing, isn't it?

It varies to where you are in your life in each and every moment. Your perspective shifts from each of these experiences and it's proactive of where you need to be when you achieve, or sometimes, don't achieve what you want. You adapt, and your perspective shifts. I remember one time in my life when I had this moment.

I remember being in ICU because I had a standing heart rate of 183. It was stress induced, but when you are confronted by your own mortality for 3 days in a hospital bed, it puts things into a different perspective.

What I came up with was this....

I once thought time was the most valuable asset that we had as people. Because once you spent it, you could never buy it back, it held an invaluable price tag to it. And for the most part, that's true. Once time is gone, not even the richest person in the world can buy more of it. Yet, sitting in that hospital bed, I was aware that my time could come to an end at any given moment. In fact, we are ALL going to run out of time.

So in that moment, I realized that time wasn't the most valuable asset in my life. Sure, it was vital as a tool in my life, as I couldn't DO anything without it, but I realized that what I did with that time created something that nobody could take away from me.

-My relationships.

If I had 5 seconds to live, time would no longer be the most important thing in my life. My perspective then shifted to the relationships I had, and how I Loved and supported the people in my life.

Relationships truly are the only true currency in life.

Looking back, I see how frivolous I was in investing in the tools to create the wonderful relationships I had created in my life. How petty everything seemed that I had toiled and worked for in my life! Cars, homes, jobs, trips. All fun things, yet they held no value whatsoever in comparison to what I would be remembered for in my life's legacy.

I realized that I complained about not having enough, or what I wanted. Yet, I was always given what I needed. That's when a feeling of gratitude overcame me. Landing in the ICU was one of the greatest gifts I was ever given. I made promises that day that I wouldn't have made previously, with abilities I didn't even have at the time. But I had the commitment to keep those promises, and it lead me to a new path, new teachers, new communities, and new results.

The journey for me has just started. This event happened 5 years ago to me, and it changed my life. The perspective shifted, and so did the outcomes in my life. And sure, things aren't perfect in my life. But inside of them not being perfect, I am content with how workable life can be when you don't get what you think you want. That's part of the beauty in the journey, isn't it?

After all, Life is a Journey, isn't it? -The Journey of a Lifetime ;)