Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Men Don't Get It" Program


When I decided to write my book, "Men Don't Get It", I already had an idea of what I wanted it to say. I wanted to empower women with the idea that they were supremely more powerful than men. I believe this to be true, so it came from the heart and the core of my belief system.

So I took to the streets to interview women. I interviewed over 1000 of random women, and the basic consistency of information that they gave me was astounding! All I had to do was ask 4 questions and then listen. And oh, how they talked!

The pattern of what they all told me was remarkable, and almost too simple to believe. Truly, it couldn't be this simple to see why men and women seem challenged at connecting... So I continued to interview, and their answers were consistently similar. I now understood women, and why they can't connect to men as easily as they would like and exactly what the one word which described each story was.

Yes, it has come down to one word, why men don't "Get" it.

So I have since taken my book and used the patterns that I have discovered, and I would Love to share them with you.

"Men Don't Get It" is a book which is designed to empower women and enable them to connect with their partners in being heard, understood, respected and accepted. (H.U.R.A for short)

I have created a 4 week program called "Men Don't Get It" which I facilitate. This program is a one on one, once a week over the period of a month which will give you the following:

1) Feeling Heard, Understood, Respected and Accepted in your relationship (H.U.R.A.!)

2) You will discover what it is you want, and understand how to get it.

3) You will re-kindle the romance in your relationship.

4) You will be the source of connection which flows in all of your relationships

5) You will be left with the choice of Peace of mind.

There are many other benefits which you will walk away from, yet these are the pillars of dealing with a lifetime of suppression and settling. In short, you will become the woman you have always wanted to be!

If you want to be the powerful woman in this above message contact me. If you or anyone you know and Love, are interested in enrolling in my program, or simply would like more information on it, please feel free to email me at: chuckbastie@gmail.com

I will be happy to get back to you. Every person who enrols in my "Men Don't Get It" program will automatically be given a complimentary copy of the book upon its release.

I wish you all the best in your Journey, and I would Love to hear from you...