Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stayin' Alive

As soon as I hear those first notes from The Bee Gees hit single, "Stayin' Alive", I get transformed into another reality almost instantaneously. It's like my body kicks in with an untapped amount of adreanaline that controls me, and not the other way around.

I am a prisoner on my own body dictated every time Stayin' Alive is played, AND it's awesome. It goes a little something like this.

I am walking down the street as a normal person, and somebody flips the switch, and Stayin' Alive is thrown down. It's on... The first notes cue my nervous system to ignite and I am now transformed into a pair of high-waisted, painted on, plaid, bell-bottom pants. I almost lose my footing seeing that my shoes are now high-heeled platform shoes that would only be rivalled by the members of the rock band, KISS in full stage dress.

I start to strut where I once simply walked. Every move is pronounced and embellished. My head and shoulders start to bob back and forth. There is suddenly a 30 knot headwind which makes my afro curls flow backwards and hugs my dress shirt, which is buttoned only twice at the bottom. A sea of chest hair that would make Magnum P.I. jealous is getting attention from every female's eyes, even when they don't understand why the are staring at me. I notice their intriuge through my aviator gunglasses using my peripheral vision, never taking my focus off the catwalk of life.

It's because I am hot; I am feeling the ebb and flow of the vibe. The sound of the music is coursing through my veins, and giving my hips the glide that makes it look like I'm greased with swag. I am diggin' this, SO very much.

My strut now gets elongated. It's a calculated slide, you see. Nobody around me can hear what I am hearing, but they all feel it by watching me pass by. They wonder, "Why is that cat walking like that, and how come he has a 30 knot headwind, and nobody else does around him? That's weird, but man I love his Mojo!"

Yes, in my 4:02 seconds of triumph, I am the paper that beats rock, I am the guy who cannot lose, I am the Chuck Norris who can't even lose to Chuck Norris. I have it all. I want for nothing but for this song to continue because as long as this song continues, my legacy is untouchable. My confidence is over-flowing, my knobby white teeth are caught in a perma-smile and it causes others to smile. In turn, they hear their song, they catch their vibe, and their "Stayin' Alive" gets played on the turnstyle of their world.

The world looks distinctly different than it did just moments ago. People are having fun around me. They are living their life with reckless abandonment for judgment as to how they look. They no longer care. Each of them breaks out into their own world of bottled up expression. It's a dance of expression that every soul craves. It's a lifetime in progress that finally breaks out in a liberation of identity.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, this cat is now lip synching to the lyrics, which fuels my fire. Its ignition is kept steady by the old school kick drum and the bass which holds the space in every perfect beat. A fury of unstoppableness that is unmessable-with, carrys me through the end of the ride. Too much awesomeness must come to a slow stop. It is not only not maintainable, but it is completely attainable whenever I hear that song creep up on me, and I get to be a character inside of my being that is allowed to come out sparingly for such fitting occasions. It is comparable to a falling star; its brilliance is much too bright for this world, and its power cannot be maintained.

Yet for that 4:02, I felt the power which exists outside of my body and filled it entirely with what is possible inside of the world of great music, and showed the music that it is ME which transforms IT. I am disco, and you're going to hear me roar...