Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogging about my Novel, Journey of a Lifetime

I rarely blog about the process that is now bringing my novel to life in just a few short months.

The reason I don't do this is, I feel that it has very little application or connection to my blog readers. I always want to say something that will bring some insight or relevancy to your lives. Also, a part of me feels that this novel is so done to death. In promoting it, I have to blog, Facebook and social media it to nausea, and the last thing I feel someone wants to read about is my novel AGAIN.

Yet, there is always the message of my novel which makes it louder than my ego which seems to get lost in the recognition of it. Every time I feel that my novel is getting too big and inflated in accomplishment, I have to keep reminding myself that it really has little to do with me. It really has to deal with the every day people who feel less connected and loved in the connections in their lives.

You see, the theme of this novel is really relatable to every single person on the face of the earth, because of the simple fact that we are all going to die. We know this as a fact, yet we feel that we have all the time in the world to live our life of accumulation and survival. We toil to create a legacy to be understood for what our contributions are so that we can feel worthy for what gifts we have been given in this life. We need the feelings of acceptance and respect for who and what we are, for what we have become. We want to be acknowledged for the things in life that we stand for and support. We spend a third of our life working a job that supports others whom we love, but rarely do we take the moments to acknowledge them or allow them the space to be themselves without us wanting to change them.

And then people pass away. Slowly, we dodge the bullet of death and even though we are reminded of how precious life is, we rarely make the emotional life insurance adjustments that would have our loved ones know and feel loved by us if we were to die suddenly. We live life backwards, spending needless time on things that hold little value in comparison to who or what really matters in our life journey. In many ways, we become robotic droids who struggle a lifetime, only to leave this world and the people who we've brought into it with less understanding than we had while we were here.

I've always wondered why nobody has ever saw this. Why do we have life insurance, yet there is no requirement to write a letter to our loved ones who inherit the accumulation we have toiled for. I'm sure that many of the grieving people without closure would gladly give all that money back for the price of completion with the deceased.

So that is why this novel is so important, and why it will be successful. It won't be successful because it is particularly well-written, or because the story is well thought out. The plot won't carry this novel in the brilliance that other writers are gifted in seeing and telling with wonderful prose.

What will carry this novel is the ability for each and every reader to get their own journey and see themselves in a new light of what is possible for their lives, and what they can accomplish in this life. Each and every reader will have a uniquely different experience with the story, characters and themes in Journey of a Lifetime.

So that at the end of the novel, you will be left with an ability to connect with your loved ones and have them feel it the way that makes sense for them. And I believe that this will make a wonderful difference in connecting us as people regardless of all of the differences that we always focus on.

For you to read Journey of Lifetime is my great honour. As an author, I hope that the time you spend on it gives you a return on investment many, many more times that gives your world a ripple effect of paying it forward.

So when I am promoting this novel, it is because I want all people to get this in their lives, and not simply because I want to sell a book or two. The experience of living a life you love and sharing it with the people you are most connected to is a gift. I wish it to be a wonderful gift that will keep giving and if you feel that way, please share this with your community so that they may have this feeling as well.

For every one's Journey is different. But they are all ours, because we are all connected, and it is always the Journey of a Lifetime.