Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Trump and Inauguration Day

Donald Trump is being inaugurated today, January 20, 2017. Wow. I honestly never thought, and hoped this this day would arrive. I clung to the hopes that the electoral college would recast their votes in mid December, almost as a perverse joke they were playing on all of us watching from the world stage as a reality TV star who is only known for being wealthy and controversial, takes office of the President of the United States of America.

But here we stand, ready to welcome Donald Trump as the next President into office.

I'm not going to go on about Trump's road to the White House. He won the election, and he won it because the Divided States of America had enough of the bullshit establishment that Clinton brought to the table, sending a big Fuck You, and reclaiming their country back.

But here's what I wonder. I wonder if the novelty of being POTUS will last with Donald Trump. I think we can all agree Trump has no interest in serving the American people. If he did, he would've served in ANY other capacity at any time in his life. No, Trump has always been about making money. He is geared for billions. And having the kind of power that the POTUS will open up is worth TRILLIONS.

For the first time in history, Trump will become the first POTUS to become impeachable the second he takes office. He has not consolidated his vast businesses into a blind trust, which is a conflict of interest as President. He has declared himself above the law and distinct from this law. He has also not disclosed any tax return information, so we the public are completely unclear as to what he says is his net worth, and if he pays his taxes at all. Those are two very concerning pieces of information that I need the leader of my country to disclose. If Trump isn't stepping into this position from a place of trust, how can he expect the American people to trust him?

Anyway, I have to say my prediction is, this is going to end in a disaster for Trump. He is simply in WAY over his head. Trump has neither the patience, compassion, empathy or will to serve the American people. I don't he makes it a year in office before the wheels invariably fall off, and America gets to see its office disgraced for the first time since Nixon resigned in the early 1970's.

Perhaps Trump resigns because he simply doesn't want to be POTUS. He simply likes the idea of it, and the power it affords his frail ego. But I imagine that will inevitably end with the massive responsibility and accountability that he hasn't prepared himself for. Just the same as how I would not be prepared stepping into his real estate billionaire club and would be completely out of place in his world, so is he going to be out of place in the realm of POTUS. And that isn't something you can cram for, like a test the night before. When you add his mental illness and narcissism, it's a recipe for a catastrophe.

It's simply a mathematical equation until disaster strikes his administration. I think Trump's worst fear was disguised in his greatest triumph. He thinks he proved everyone wrong, when he's really about to run the gauntlet, and have it implode on himself in a most terrifying way in manner I fear he will not recover from.

We in Toronto, witnessed this first hand with the election of the late Rob Ford as mayor. As unprepared as Ford was for facing the issues in his personal life, it just added to the fire storm when the media and his critics piled on. His demons became a landslide of health issues which ultimately took his life in a very sad manner that nobody wants to see or go through. We hoped Ford would get better, but it simply was insurmountable for him.

And similarly, although I wish Trump well, and hope he will prove all of his critics wrong, hope is a really poor business plan.