Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Carly Fleischmann, an Autistic Breakthough

From time to time, I will be speaking with people who I think have the WORST communication skills and think to myself, "This person has the personality of a toad!" I'm positive that I'm not alone in this line of thinking, and that all of you can share in this from at least one point in your lives, right?

I feel that I hold people in contempt for being unexpressed because I feel that it's a choice in life that they make. Certainly there are certain people where communication comes easy to them, and then there are others who really have to work on it because it doesn't come as easily. When it doesn't come easily, and you see it as "work", people tend to not want to be committed to being good at it. So they remain unexpressed, and their life runs accordingly. These people will sometimes feel that they are not understood, that what they have to say doesn't matter, or that they simply can't put into words how they feel.

Well, I thought that all of these were limitations from people's brains until I saw this video today. Certainly, being human is a science that we will never be able to know everything about, yet this video really shows me that there is a voice inside all of us that is dying to come out, and express who we are as human beings.

I want to introduce you to Carly Fleischmann whose story you can see in this video below. Her story is nothing less than incredible, and inspiring on every human level. The reason I wanted to share this story with you is to show you that no matter what your circumstances are in life, you can still live a powerful life, and one you choose to love.

After watching this video, I want you to tell me that you can be a person who is committed to being heard, because your voice actually matters in this world. It takes dedication and belief that this is possible, yet the reward is oh so worth it.

We all have this intelligence inside of us. It is only our own way of being that limits this from being expressed. And just like Carly Fleischmann, we all have genius inside of us. It just depends on when we choose to show it.

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