Monday, December 23, 2013

Duck Dynasty, Homosexuals and Free Speech

If you are reading this, it is because you have interest in either Duck Dynasty, Homosexuality, or Free Speech.

Depending on your view, you will either want to agree or disagree with the slant I put on my blog about this.

Well, here's where I might lose you...

I don't really have an opinion on who's right or wrong. The way I see it, Phil Robertson is right and so is A&E for suspending him indefinitely.

Let's start with our boy Phil here. Phil has every right to say his opinion on whether a man's anus is less desirable than that of the vagina. In fact, its his constitutionally guarded right to say so. However, what every one doesn't seem to understand is, that just because he can say it, doesn't mean he won't have ramifications or accountability's to answer to. Meaning, he can't go to jail for it, but he can get dropped like a bad habit if someone signing his cheques doesn't like the value he's bringing to the table.

I can say anything I like about whatever I want to express. Yet if it offends someone, that's going to have an impact. In fact, the real value in having an opinion and having conviction is in the sacrifice it costs you in standing up to what you believe is right. So I can applaud Phil for having his opinion, even if I don't agree with it. I understand that just because I don't agree with something Phil says, doesn't mean that he doesn't have the right to say it. That's what free speech really means.

It means that standing on the top of your soapbox you can state your opinion at the top of your voice, whilst recognizing the person who is in direct opposition to your opinion defying you at the top of their voice, standing at the top of their soapbox.

Because that's what free speech really is.

So you can agree to disagree in every venue, and everyone still has the same rights and abilities to be self-expressed and live with the responsibilities that their opinions garner.

Phil Robertson has his opinion. A&E doesn't share that opinion. Phil's free to have his opinion now without a show, but Phil still gets to be right about how he feels.

It just won't be on Duck Dynasty anytime soon...

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