Monday, April 7, 2014

Worldwide Human Rights Equality

I am amazed that it is 2014, and the world is a worse place for it.

We have amazing technology. We have high speed everything. We have the most entitled generation in history because they have never had to wait for anything because everything these days is available at your fingertips (literally)

We have jets that can fly you at 35,000 feet in a restaurant environment, and in a few hours you can cross entire continents. There are fabulous advances in medicine which have prolonged human life by 20-30 more years than it was just a generation ago.

We have all of these amazing advances, yet we sit at a basic ground level in universal human rights.

In a fair world, in a kind universe, I would expect that each and every person who is born on the face of the earth deserves the right to have certain inalienable rights. It shouldn't be the policy of a country, a religion or a culture of how these rights should be handled, it should be a human being right.

This would mean that each and every person born, experiences certain freedoms no matter where they are in the world. These freedoms should include and not be limited to, the right to a life of happiness as they choose it. It would also include sexuality in gender and expression/preference. It would include freedom of religion, or the choice thereof to express or not express yourself the way you choose. There are a million of these rights which are not enjoyed universally which we could add to the list, and it could go on and on.

All of these seem to be basic freedoms to us in North America, but we are the vast minority in the world. I think the advances in human rights have been so drastically slow that it is going to take someone or something dynamic to stand up for Universal Human Equality.

I like to say that every human being has the right to H.U.R.A! This stands for, Heard, Understood, Respected and Accepted. Period.

If I can use this distinction, I can give each person I come into contact with, and even not agree with them on their stance, but I can do it respectfully. I can utilize this to respectfully agree to disagree. I can allow the person to keep their view without having it threaten mine, and we can live with that peacefully without trying to dominate or change the other's view to our own.

This means that each and every person gets this right.

In an unworkable world you can tell me that this would never work. But I ask you, which is the easier road to go, the one we are travelling now, or the route to human rights equality?

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