Friday, February 26, 2016

Empowering Women

When people ask me why I wrote, “100 Things This Father Wants His Daughter to Know”, I tell them there are two reasons.

The first reason is, I have a daughter. However, I could have told her these principles privately, and it wouldn’t have served the second reason, which is, to empower Women.

Women are the most powerful species on the planet, and yet they don’t realize it. Perhaps it takes a straight, white, male to recognize and declare this for it for Women to be taken seriously. Men have stood inside their privilege, and suppressed the power of Women as a threat. Indeed, men have been threatened by the power of Women since the beginning of time.

I believe Women are the inspirational force of the world. Without Women, the world would be a horrific place to be. Men have ruled for thousands of years, which is the reason why the world is broken. We know all too well, the calculated pattern of masculine leadership. Perhaps now is the time we accept that Women are more efficient leaders.

Women bring different gifts to leadership than men do. The gift of Love is a trait that women are born with. In it’s highest resonance, Love is the greatest force in the entire Universe. Women are either growing inside of that gift, or they are drifting into a man’s austere world of dominance and manipulation.

Therefore, it was important for me to write this book. Not simply for my own daughter, although it was written for her benefit, it was written for the benefit of Women everywhere. It was written so that Women could step into their power, and lead the world out of the cloud of darkness that men have created.

The most effective method of leadership is through inspiration, and Women are the inspiration of the world. By inspiring Women to be cause in the matter of the world, it creates the perfect partnership for powerful leadership.

But to accomplish this, we need to break down the broken paradigm of masculine energy, and its contempt for its feminine counterpart. As men, we must acknowledge that we have been part of the problem. Men have suppressed and shamed Women for thousands of years in an attempt to keep them down. Men have exploited sexuality, shaming Woman using terms such as witch, slut, harlot, and many more in an attempt to reinforce the double standard that exists between men and Women. Men have treated Women as a lesser partner, restricted a Woman’s ability to vote, and enjoy the same rights that males take for granted. Even today, there are many rights that are not equal between men and Women in the workplace.

I believe the time has come to talk about this inequality, and adjust it accordingly. However in order to fix a problem, one has to first admit that one exists. Men do not want to redistribute their power to Women, and so the struggle continues.

The good news is nature finds a way to flourish despite’s man’s methods of attempting to thwart it. Sooner or later, common sense prevails, and the shift of power finds its way to a more efficient vehicle.
I hope that “100 Things This Father Wants His Daughter to Know” is aligned with that realization, leading the world into a new possibility through authentic, feminine energy.

I hope you enjoy reading this book, and I look forward to your thoughts and feelings about it. You can download it, and leave a review on Amazon here:

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