Friday, June 17, 2016

What Your Father Wants on Father's Day

What Fathers Want on Father's Day 
Some get us socks, or ties, or cards. But the truth is, what we want is for our spouse and kids to be happy. 
We often work a shitty job for a boss we can't stand, in order to bring home our tax dwindled dollar to make your life a little better than what we had, and we do it all for you. 
So, you may not hear us complain, or cry about it because we can't. We need to project strength and power to make the family feel secure and safe. What we've been taught is to provide and protect our family, and our happiness comes after that. We weren't taught to communicate, or say I Love you. We were taught to show you how much we Love you by doing the things which made you, our family, happy. 
So, cut your Father some slack. He's doing the very best he can with the tools he was given, and he Loves you. He may not show you that in the way that makes sense for you, but his Love is there.
So here are 100 Things This Father Wants His Daughter to Know for all you Women out there. 

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