Friday, October 28, 2016

The Days That Are Gone Forever

My childhood best friend's mother passed away suddenly, 8 years ago, and I wrote this note. Her death completely changed my life in so many ways. Perhaps I was naive to think that it wouldn't, but I wasn't prepared for how my life took a right turn after a loss so great. I've re-read this blog, and decided to re-post it because I think we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and sometimes, we need a gentle reminder to slow down and smell the flowers.

Even though it is more than half my life ago, I can remember special times with special people. I can remember the small things that make it like a movie in my head that can be replayed time and again. Even with all the booze trying to destroy my brain cells, I can still recall some pretty funny shit. This stuff only comes in handy these days in small doses like weddings, birthdays, campfires, and of course funerals. 

There is almost never a time that we do what we should've done, looking back in retrospect. We have these things called JOBS, careers, kids, wives, husbands and they take up all the time we were used to having as a kid. The life we were used to as a kid has had to be replaced with a life of no time in order to build up our nest egg to support our new life, kids, wives ect. So we sacrifice the relationships that we once devoted ourselves to in order to make time for our new life. 
Not many people make a big deal about it, because they are generally doing the same thing themselves and they don't notice. Months turn into years and we all lose touch slowly until a funeral comes around. We say our pleasantries that day, make fake and unrealistic comments like, "we'll have to get together soon" but both people realize that this comment is a polite way of saying, "We just don't have the time anymore, but it was good to see you again" 
Just like good little North Americans do. We work and slave and sacrifice to be bigger and better. I think European and Latin American lifestyles have it right and we are wired wrong. They enjoy relationships and living life, whereas we promote work and material possessions. And of course, everyone knows about this thing called DEATH, but we all think we are smarter than it is and are always content on trying to cheat it. But guess who wins this? 

I wish that we were constantly reminding ourselves about the things in life that really matter. Friendships, amongst the most that I value in my life. Family, which supports and loves us. Jobs sustain us, but love passion, fun....These are the things that make us. I would rather be poor and love with passion, than be rich in a mansion with no one to share it with. 

Touch somebody's life today. It may not be there much longer, and live each day like this....

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