Monday, November 7, 2016

Why Donald Trump Won't Win

Actually, America WAS built on fear.

Success and failure both leave clues, and so does history. History has shown this, for those who are intelligent enough to study it, it can reveal what the future will look like. 

As I write this on the eve of the American election, I am hopeful that history has taught us the tragedies and repercussions of electing a poor leader. And by no means am I saying that Hillary Clinton is the answer. But in the decades of service in politics, Clinton is well-versed in being a politician. One could argue that she is a flawed politician, and that may have significant merit. However, Clinton is a politician, who has earned her way in the political ring by putting in her time and sacrifices.

However, Donald Trump has done none of these things, and has spent no time in uniform, or politics. Yet, Trump expects to walk through the process that almost every American President has in order to become President. In fact, the arrogance it takes to actually move through the past 2 years of campaigning for President knowing this, is stunning. But Donald Trump won't win. Why, you ask?

Because a demagogue never wins.

Germany had Hitler. Toronto, Canada had it's mayor, Rob Ford. The United States had Senator, Joe McCarthy, and now, Donald Trump. But although these demagogue leaders won elections, they eventually lost. The reason being, is the path of the demagogue is one that is filled with resistance, stress, and negative energy. This eventually takes a massive toll on the individual, and can end up causing serious health issues and even death. It simply takes too much energy to expand and maintain their hate and fear driven platforms. 

So tomorrow, on November the 8th, 2016, my prediction is Hillary Clinton will win the election, and Donald Trump will be the loser. Trump won't win the election, and he and his brand will lose viability in business moving forward. In fact, one of the only things Donald Trump will teach us is to reveal exactly how divided the United States really is, and always has been. Trump just spent 2 years opening up many layers of the onion. Social media exploited it in an attempt to raise the awareness that racism, sexism, bigotry, nationalist pride and ignorance is still running rampant in 2016 in the United States of America. My prediction is, this will be the end of the Republican party as we knew it. Moving forward, the GOP will need to be a much more progressive, united party or they will pass into the history books. 

But do I think that Hillary Clinton will fix these issues? No. But I believe, that the ignorance and divides with Trump at the helm will only make the world a worse place to live. And at the end of the day, the world has had many corrupted politicians and survived. But a demagogue like Trump ruins countries forever. 

Just ask anyone who has grown up in Germany in the last 70 years...

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