Friday, March 11, 2011

The Process in Your Life

We all learn in different ways, that is a given. Each of us learn at a different pace, a different understanding and so on, and so on.

Well, I've never professed to being a fast learner. I have learned my entire life by repetition, trial and error, and from duplicating these mistakes on more than one occasion. Call me "Learning Impaired," but God help me, I just don't seem to be very gifted in that learning area.

However, the one way that I can look at the longevity of life; it's twists and turns, and curveballs and such, is to think that there is a Process to everything that we do. Too many times, I have tried to take "short-cuts" invent new ways, or simply speed the process up for my own benefit.

Now, if I would look at things logically, there are things in life that you can do that with, and there are things that you can't. Certain things need time to perfect, and you cannot take that out of the equation. An example of this is making wine. I'm certainly not a big wine drinker, but I do know that it takes a process of time to let the grapes ferment and allow the wine to mature. You cannot rush this, or it will give you a terrible product.

And that is the same with life...

Too many of us want things on our own agenda, and timetable and we always want it NOW. We usually would have no idea that this is probably running against the process of our own lives, and that it will end in disappointment. We feel let down because we "failed" at what we wanted to do, without having any idea that we were doomed to fail in the first place, because we were not mindful of the process in front of us.
Too many people, far better than us have failed at the same thing, and we expect to be different.

Another example that I love... People ask the question, "How did you lose all that weight?" to someone who worked hard, dieted, and put in the time, effort and kept working the program.

-No secret to weight loss people. It's mathematics that you can actually use in life, unlike the math you learned in High School that you never use...

Yet, everyone wants to beat the process of weight loss without putting in time with the process. They disregard all the efforts it took them to gain weight, and want an easy way out. Well, that's not how the process works, is it?

I think I have learned that every part of life has a process. When things don't look positive in my life, I look at what processes I am trying to mismanage, and the answer is usually right there in front of me. Usually, I don't want to see that answer, because it's not the one I want to hear. I think most people are pretty stubborn that way, because we all want things our own way and on our own terms regardless of the cost.

So this year, I have accepted processes in my life, and it has given me more understanding where there was once none, and clarity I had never seen before.

Your life is different from mine, your timetables run at a different speed, and you learn at a different rate as well. Maybe your processes will allow you to see things in a different light. But the process of how you get there will remain intact, and will wait for you to allow yourself to use it properly.

But I just thought I would share this with you...

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