Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reaching Your Boiling Point

I was boiling some water for some tea the other day. I plugged the kettle in, and then went about the kitchen doing other things. I looked back to see if the kettle was close to boiling a few minutes later, and it wasn't quite there yet. The water was still calm inside, even though it was getting ever so close to boiling. Well, I thought I would watch it start to boil.

Then, as they say, "A watched pot never boils"

It seemed that nothing was really happening here. I began to wonder if this kettle was even on. But then, the water started to get upset, and started coming to a boil. Maybe I had never noticed a kettle boiling before, but I was surprised as to how violent the water got as it neared its boiling point, and then when it started to boil, it became uncontrollable.

Finally, the kettle automatically clicked off, and the water calmed down... but the water was still very hot.

And then I thought, wow... aren't we all capable of being exactly like that water?

We start out calm, and then a little bit of heat makes us uneasy, and then begin to be restless as more heat is applied. We try to keep our cool during this point until finally, we reach our boiling point, and explode. Then the switch goes off, and the boiling point ceases, but we are still boiling hot. Maybe even too hot to touch.
But water never has to look around to see if anyone saw that, or apologize for boiling over...

I just found that similarity very profound...

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  1. Good one Chuck. I have a long fuse, myself but when I do explode, there's no holding back ... ooops! Am I getting a little too sexually analogous here? LOL


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