Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boston Game 3 Stanley Cup Final, 2011

There is always a moment inside of a moment in your life.

Well Monday, June 6th was one of those days.

June 6 is a hallowed day. It was the anniversary of D Day which took place in 1944. But on this day, me and 3 of my buddies were off to see Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Boston.

It started out with a bang. My buddy Warren ends up being late for the flight at Toronto Island airport (and he could probably hit it with a rock from where he lives...) and while he is checking in, so is the Stanley Cup which is flying with us to Boston. Cool moment, CHECK!

There is something great about huddling up with your boys before an event, and hugging it out to start it all off. A quick hour and 15 minutes later, and we are in Logan Airport in Boston, and off to check in across from Public Gardens at the Taj (Former Ritz)

We meet J.R. for lunch, and then head back to the hotel for some drinks, and meet up with an old friend (great to see you again Shemo!!) and off we go to meet up for drinks at historic Faneuil Hall before the game.

We go to get our tickets at Will Call and there they are. SICK SEATS!! I've done nothing good in my life to ever deserve seats like this. 7th row off the ice? Wow...

So the highlight of the night, (besides the 8-1 thumping the Bruins laid down that night) was late in the second period. The puck gets deflected out of play, and near our section. It bounces off a couple people and seats, and lands pretty close to us. My buddy Warren DIVES for the deck in his Ted Nugent shirt, and starts wrestling with a tough Boston broad on the ground. I go over and grab his cell phone and somehow hes also got a beer in his hand that wasn't his, so I grab that too. This frees Warren up to go get that puck.

And that's exactly what happened.

As if Warren doesn't have Horseshoes up his ass already in life, he gets the only puck that left the ice that game. 18,000+ people in that arena, and Warren gets this souvenir puck from Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Unreal.

The tough Boston Broad isn't happy, and she punches Warren in the back of the head. Although he feels it, it doesn't even phase him. He has just pulled off the impossible by snagging this puck. In fact, I don't think Warren even felt it...

Warren throws his hand in the air with the puck, and our section goes crazy with applause. He spins once or twice before taking notice of the 7 year old boy directly in front of us. After high 5'ing all of us, Warren looks at the puck, looks at the kid, and bends down and says, "Here you go Kid."

The kid looks at the puck and doesn't really understand what has happened. The kid's father, however does, and he grabs his son, and hoists him in the air like Simba from the Lion King, and when the kid shows the crowd the puck, they threw it on the Jumbo tron, and the entire arena went crazy! It was an amazing moment, all made possible by Warren.

But that's just what kind of a guy my buddy Warren is...

Game over, Bruins win, and we hit the streets for the after party. We meet up with J.R. for drinks. After the bar is closing, we head over next door for some pizza, and they give Roenick a pizza. So we all sat in the street talking with fans about hockey and taking it all in.

What a great day. It's lasted a little more than 12 hours, but it was a whirlwind of 12 hours.

Thanks to Warren and J.R. for making that the greatest sporting event I have ever been to...

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  1. Great Story Chuck, someone who loves the game as much as you deserves that experience. You're not wearing the jersey of the team that swept the Flyers a few weeks back are you? That's Photoshopped right?



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