Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Loss of Steve Jobs

I don't own a Mac, and have never used one. I use a Blackberry, and not an Iphone. I have seen an Ipad, yet never touched one. I have never used an Ipod, let alone own one.

And today, I realise that losing Steve Jobs is a massive loss in the realm of creativity and human ingenuity.

I wrote a blog earlier on this summer about Mac users and PC users and the difference in them. What ensued was the highest volume of viewing and comments on any blog that I have written in my 2 years of blogging. The reason for this? Passion. Pure and simple.

That Steve Jobs was passionate about empowering people and the ideas that were harnessed to them was undeniable. Say what you want to say about his ego, people skills, or other folklore about his personality. The most important thing about Steve Jobs in my eyes, is that he gave a shit about you in your life.

Yep, that's right. He didn't know you, but he wanted you to be great. He wanted to push the status quo for every human to "Get It" And that belief was proven time and time again in what he did to enable you to have a life you wanted inside of his countless innovations.

There are 2 great clips I want to share with you about Steve Jobs. The first was his speech to Stanford Grads in 2005, after he had just "beaten" cancer. I've watched this many, many times and I still learn something new from it each time. Every word inspires me...

The second post I want to include was the top 10 lessons that Steve Jobs taught us. Why I think this is so valuable, is because it's important to know that as successful as Steve Jobs was, he also had Great Failures in his life of epic proportions. -Just the same as you and me. People who play in bigger games, have bigger failures. Yet, the lesson is never lost, and it is our choice to learn from it and always become unstoppable. And Steve Jobs was inspirational at this.

And finally, I want to challenge you to find that Steve Jobs inside of you. Whatever area of importance that you choose, choose to be great in it and have passion with it! Who cares if nobody agrees with you. The fact that they don't proves that you are taking a stand in something, which is AWESOME.

Now, just like Steve Jobs, go out there and infect the word with being Hungry and Foolish.

And to you Steve Jobs, God speed in your next journey. Thank you for your life of contribution. Your legacy is compete, so thank you for preserving it as such in the passion that you shared with the entire world trying to empower us to be great.

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