Monday, February 27, 2012

Hosting My Own Radio Show

When I was in my early 20's, I won a competition at a bar at an event hosted by AM 640's Jesse and Gene. They were really crazy DJ's in Toronto, and they invited me to their morning radio show studio as their "Dork of the Day"

I had one of the greatest days of my life, and all my friends got to hear me on that morning radio show. Somewhere in my basement, there is a cassette tape of that morning show in a box with other products that no longer exist from the 1990's...

That was literally half my lifetime ago, and I never thought I would be on the radio again. -Until today.

20 years later, I will host my own radio show tonight at 8pm EST on Radio That Doesn't Suck.-

Chuck's World of Infinite Mojo goes on radio airwaves tonight with special guest star Olympic Gold Medalist, Mike Eruzione. Mike is best known for scoring the winning goal against the Soviet Union in what has become known as "The Miracle on Ice" game in the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid

#21 Mike Eruzione scoring the winning goal

The Miracle on Ice has been called the Biggest Upset in the History of Sports by Sports Illustrated. This goal inspired a new generation of American hockey players that includes Jeremy Roenick, Mike Modano, Chris Chelios, Doug Weight and many others to prominent NHL careers.

This is a story of how David slew Goliath, and how a simple hockey game became the inspiration of an entire nation at a low point in National morale, and showed us all what the human spirit is capable of when you believe in possibilities.

Join me for Chuck's World of Infinite Mojo tonight on at 8pm EST with Mike Eruzione


  1. tuned in but couldn't find your show :(

    1. go to and click on "listen" then go to the "on demand" section and select Chuck's World of Infinite Mojo. That should help... Thanks for the effort ;)


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