Friday, February 24, 2012

Is Your Life "Hard"?

How do you see life occurring for you?

Does life always seem difficult? Are you always saying that "life is hard!"?

One thing that I have found is that life isn't hard. It is what it is, and I have found that I have added the "Hard" part. And then from there, it always seemed Hard. Makes sense, right?

Well, what if you took that thought out of the equation? What if you Jedi-mind tricked yourself to think that life was actually easy with an element of ease and flow to it? I think you would see that over time, this would be how life occurs for you, instead of it being hard.

The point is, that language dictates how we see things. If we alter our language, then our perception changes accordingly.

I've noticed that in my life, where ever there has been a difficulty, it's because I've had a cause in it. Sure, I can't control the circumstances in what happens to me, but I can ALWAYS control how I react to them. So in that regard, I always have a say in everything that happens to me.  If I want to remove the element of "Hard", then I can absolutely do so.

In doing so, I can alter how things are manageable for me at any given moment. What I have found is that in the really challenging areas, I view them as an opportunity to really exercises the muscle of discipline and see what I'm made of. So in every opportunity I can grow as a person, and be the person I'm committed to being.

Are there areas of my life that are "Hard"? The answer is no. I've realized that nothing is hard, and yet there are still challenging areas in my life that need work. But it's never hard.

It may be a small area of adjustment, yet making that word disappear from my mind has given me so much more energy and hope that life really is exactly what we think it is. So if you want a hard life, you are welcomed to it. For me, I will always choose that life is always going to be playing out perfectly for where I can't see ahead of me, and trust that it will always work out for the best. Giving up control of what I THINK my life should be, has been one of the greatest releases of stress in my life, and this just makes everything easier. And with the attitude that life is manageable, I operate at a much higher state of competence in it because I am at ease.

Because think of it, do you do better work stressed out, or when you are in a great mood?

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