Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Undying Love For Katarina Witt... SIGH!

I have loved Katarina Witt for most of my adult life. I have no doubt that the women in my life have always had a jealousy problem with my affection for Katarina, yet, I really don’t care. People may laugh at my one-sided love affair with her, as even Katarina herself laughed at it. Yet, I am as vulnerable and open about it without regard for circumstance of the outcome; because the outcome really doesn’t matter in my view of her.

Random calculated, always recurring thought: To kiss this woman? My God, I might never recover.

What she represents to me is the hope of what “could be” dancing around in figure skates coming from East Germany, and bringing that element of “Forbidden Fruit” into my world. Hope is a great thing, maybe the greatest of all things. It’s the promise of a new day, the promise that everything is going to work out. And then one day, the clouds open up and you get your shot…

The first time I got to meet Kat was something so surreal to me that I just knew I was gonna come across like some deranged lunatic who couldn’t keep his shit together. It was put together by Jeremy Roenick who knew how much it meant to me, and I will never be able to pay him back for this kindness. Thanks JR, you're the King!

It was like that moment that you knew you were going to be tested, yet you also knew that you were just going to fail miserably 150% at it, and still you couldn’t care less.

Well, times that by 10 and you are in the ballpark of where I stood in that moment.

And yet, Katarina had all kinds of space for my cock-ups. (no pun intended) She laughed, and threw me playful hugs and smiles, and she even took a million pictures with me.

I’m sure a star of her nature might get this all the time, yet the way she handled it is what made her a star in this guy’s mind. She could win all the Olympic Gold medals in the world, and never surpass the class it took to win over my heart off the ice.

Someday, I will marry her. Maybe not in this turn around in life, yet a connection is a connection, and a soul is forever. I hope one of the many of these connections I take with me in this lifetime is that one moment we shared, and I shall never forget it.


So here’s to you Katarina, on the 25th anniversary of your Olympic Gold Medal on my country’s soil from the Calgary games. Thanks for your contribution in all that you do, and most importantly to me, for allowing me the chance to love you for all that you represent to me.



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  1. Chuck you may be a little over the top here, but I cannot blame you for having this highly charged affection toward Katarina Witt. She is and will always be one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, and no one with a more beautiful smile tah Katarina


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