Saturday, February 16, 2013

Noticing the Signs in Your Life Around You

Short blog today....

I feel that most people look around them with the intention of only what they want to see. Unless something miraculous happens to or around them, and unless they are present in the moment, it will pass them by unaware.

I thought about what we could be missing by not being present in the moment. Love, Business, Friendships, Opportunity. Just a small list of things we could miss by not being open at all times to what is possible and abundantly available.

Then there are the people that sit and wait for opportunity to present itself to them in the way they need to see it. Problem is, opportunities present themselves in all sorts of ways, and unless you are prepared for it, and more importantly recognize it, it just occurs for you as something insignificant.

Just think of the things that the Universe puts in our path that goes unnoticed because we are so caught up in our world of over-thinking, analyzing, stewing, and being cautious.

When the Universe puts things in your path that you DO recognize, it does so to see if you are open to, and if you are ready for them. Acknowledging these gifts and being grateful for them keep you aligned to the path that works. I can only think that when these phenomenal things occur, that they are not a coincidence.

They are signs that you are on the right path. When you begin the recognition process, they appear more abundantly.

So always keep your eyes peeled and your heart open, and you will attract these gifts which you so rightly deserve.

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