Saturday, May 11, 2013

To All You Mothers Out There


God love you. There is nothing so touching and consoling than the gentle touch of a loving woman. And there is no bigger form of love on this earth than that of a loving mother.

As a man I often wonder what this world would be like if women didn't exist. I can tell you that if this world was populated without women it would be love starved, passionless and devoid of inspiration. All of these qualities start with inspiration, and that's really what I love about women. They can inspire us men to do great things. Whenever I see a successful man, the first thing I think of is that he must have had the love and support of a wonderful woman to get him there. That's not even a statement against gay men, because I guarantee you that they will say the same thing about the women in their lives; they simply understand and get us.

You girls on the other hand are not so easy to understand, but we're trying ;)

Anyway, back to what I was saying...

As a father, I can admit that my daughter's mother has a level of love that I don't possess. It doesn't mean that she loves our daughter more than I do, yet there is something about mothers and their love and they sacrifice to always put their children's needs first. This is sometimes complicated by a mother's guilt which never goes away. I sometimes wonder why women don't realize that they have to put themselves first though. If you are at 30,000 feet in an airplane and the cabin pressure changes and the oxygen masks deploy, the first thing the flight attendants tell you to do is place the mask on yourself. Only then you can help your children. However in this metaphor, most women instinctively place the mask on their children first, and often become oxygen-starved themselves. Most women often don't realize this, and just chalk it up to being a mother.

Well, you are women first, mothers secondary.

If you are a great woman, you have the tools to choose to be a great mother. I get the fact that a woman's world is constantly being bombarded by society's judgement of you. You aren't thin enough, you aren't sexy enough, you aren't nice enough. -I get it. Yet once a woman gives herself the gift of not feeling "bad" about putting her own needs first, she can become a more confident and happier person. Happy people inspire, and motivate others by their outlook and demeanor. The most important thing is that your kids will love you for being happy. Because if you are happy, chances are they will be happy. If you aren't happy, chances are really good that despite your best intentions, they won't be happy either. And trust me, your kids can tell when you're not happy, or when you are sad.

Before I end, I always want to mention the single mothers out there; my daughter's mother especially. You do a thankless job of raising our beautiful children. You make hell and high water move and sacrifice your hopes and dreams so that yours kids have a better childhood than you did. I applaud and acknowledge all you single mothers out there who need more love than you are currently getting. I can only tell you that the work and sacrifice are making a huge difference in the lives of yours kids. I know you know that already, and that is why you do it. But at least once a year, it's nice that somebody else knows it too.

So thank you women and mothers for doing all that you do, and being all that you are. You are our true inspiration in life.

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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