Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Marco Muzzo Gets Sentenced to 10 Years

Marco Muzzo leaving the Courthouse
Marco Muzzo was sentenced today to ten years, less time already served, for his D.U.I. incident which killed 3 young children, and their grandfather. He was also given a driving ban for 12 years when he is released from jail.

No amount of jail time, or sentence could ever cause this situation from being tolerable. It is a sickening feeling for all involved, and unfortunately there's nothing that will undo this. That's the reality.

That being said, we will now see if Marco Muzzo walks the walk, and talks the talk. He was given his sentence. He admitted guilt as quickly as he was able to do so. He's served 6 months in jail already, and he issued a letter of apology to the Lake family. So far, Muzzo has done everything he could do to show remorse for his actions.

Marco Muzzo's letter of apology

So here is where the rubber meets the road. In the aftermath of this horrific situation, the actions of Muzzo will dictate how he will be judged. If Muzzo does his jail time, and comes out to live his life the way he lived it going into trial, the Lake children may have died in vain.

However, if Muzzo really wants to live the rest of his life atoning for his actions, he will begin public speaking to school kids about the consequences of drinking and driving. If Muzzo dedicates the rest of his life to raising awareness towards the consequences of drinking and driving, the altruism of preventing situations like this from happening again are improved. Just this weekend, York Regional Police arrested 13 people in drinking and driving cases. So the message still isn't clear. We need to use this case so the world will wake up and cease the madness of drinking and driving.

There is nothing that will ever bring the lives of the Lake children back. However, if there is a silver lining in all things, perhaps we can find something to make the world realize that drinking and driving is never an option, and that moving forward, cases like this raise more awareness as to the consequences of it.

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