Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Marie Henein is on the Wrong Side of History

Marie Henein is the defense lawyer for Jian Ghomeshi, the former CBC broadcaster, and a former band member of, Moxy Fruvous,

Henein was on The National last night with host, Peter Mansbridge to talk about how she's felt about the reaction towards her defending Ghomeshi from the sexual assaults he was charged with, and acquitted from last week.

In fact, Mansbridge used one of my posts on Facebook during the interview. My quote was, "You are on the wrong side of history, so congratulations on your legacy." You can see it here, and the reaction of Henein. My post comes at 15:44 into the video.

People might say that I could use this link as my 5 seconds of fame, that I could include myself in this hot mess for exposure for my personal gain. But that isn't why I wrote that message to Henein. I wrote that because I believe in equal rights for all human beings, period. Regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, or whatever divides us as humans, I believe we should all have the same rights, and freedoms to live the life of our choice.

I believe that Marie Henein  is a wonderfully talented lawyer, who used her platform and talents for the perpetuation of a masculine energy-dominated, misogynistic world we live in to suppress Women. To make matters worse, I believe Henein had a choice in the matter of defending Ghomeshi against assaulting Women. She was already a high priced defense attorney, so she really didn't need this case. However, she chose to defend Ghomeshi, and do her best to win the case. So going into the situation, Henein's intention was to defend Ghomeshi, and exonerate his sexual assault charges with a not guilty decision by discrediting the females who were allegedly sexually assaulted by Ghomeshi.

To be a female, and discredit other females who have been allegedly wronged or assaulted by a man, and then CHOOSE to defend him in that process is absolute madness! Then in this interview with Peter Mansbridge, Henein questions as to why men are not viewed as people who betray their gender, yet Women are. So let me explain this in how I see it.

I've never understood why Women trust men. Statistically speaking, men are Women's #1 predator in life. Men have suppressed Women for thousands of years out of fear. So, to say that it's a "Man's World" is fairly accurate. Men are afforded a "privilege" not afforded to females in North America, let alone anywhere else in the world.

So to draw a comparison, if I were a penguin, I know that my #1 predators are leopard seals, and sharks. It's a full time job to steer away from these predators for obvious reasons. Penguins need to stick up for each other because they are the hunted species. So imagine how difficult the situation would be for the penguin who lives in fear of being eaten and attacked by their predators, if the penguin also had to be aware of other penguins who were selling them out to the leopard seals and sharks. Marie Henein just so happens to be doing this exact thing.

That's the summary of what most Women have to deal with lawyers such as Marie Henein out there defending people like Jian Ghomeshi from assaulting Women, who they thought they liked. Not only do Women have to deal with misogyny, they also have to deal with Alpha females living in a masculine energy dominated world as predators as well. How sad...

And THAT, is the difference Marie Henein, as to why men don't get judged for beating other men. Predators or gladiators who live in that game accept that as a casualty of war for playing in that game. They realize that if you step into that ring, expect to be attacked because it's a violent world that men play in. Most females don't want to play in that game, and I don't blame them. You however, have chosen to play in that game, and that's your right. But when you question as to why other men or gender is questioned to your motives, it's because Women need your help, NOT men like Jian Ghomeshi who allegedly hit Women, and then hid behind their choice of sexual appetites. In short, you are furthering the abuse that it is acceptable for men to sexually assault Women, and that's just not acceptable in 2016.

There is a new awareness coming to us for the equality of all humans. You can be on the right side of history, or you can choose to be on the other side of it. I believe that Marie Henein just put herself on the #WrongSideof History


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