Monday, May 2, 2016

Why You Should Write

The quiet of the early morning is intoxicating to me. I sit in front of my computer screen, sipping my coffee, having gratitude for breakfast, and create my day as it slowly unfolds. There is music in my ears to awaken the groggy writer within me, almost as if I summon him.

I allow my mind to meander. This creates the improvisation that becomes writing. And then the magic appears. Words appear on the screen. I write and write, without a care of the content, or fear of judgement from what it says. I simply write. Generally speaking, I have a basic template which keeps about 20% of the content I write. The trick is to keep writing until I get into a rhythm. Sometimes its an hour, sometimes it comes quickly, and sometimes it’s not there at all. However, each time I write, I improve. Improving is the goal, not the writing. Writing is simply a vehicle I utilize to improve.

I’ve found writing to be incredibly cathartic. Even though I’ve written 3 books, which may or may not sell, the real beauty was the person I got to become in the process of writing those books. Perhaps most people write for the agenda of being an author, or the dream of becoming rich and famous, or promoting their product or service. And those may be viable reasons to write. My reasons to write are simple. It makes me a better person. It empowers a voice for my soul to speak. It shares a message which includes those people it resonates with. Call it community, or tribe, there is comfort in the familiarity that you aren’t the only person going through life alone, dealing with what you think is the loneliest, most significant part of your Journey, as life goes on. 

It’s times like this I am reminded that the greatest triumphs in my life had their origins with a series of unfortunate events which aligned me to where I was supposed to be. The things that never were, were never meant to be. I can take solace in the view that my life is exactly where it’s supposed to be, and not where I think it should be. After all, life’s rejections are God’s protections…

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