Thursday, August 13, 2009


I think that people all have a dark side. I should clarify this though...

I don't mean that people are all axe murderers, but I think that we all have deep secrets that we would all go out of our way to hide from others. Something that we are not forthcoming with telling others...

Case in point to me, would be the confidentiality of your laptop/pc/mac. I think most people keep most of their personal stuff on their computers, and I would not really know a lot of people that would give you a free look into their life's info by leaving it open to casually look into. "I have no secrets, go ahead, look all through my computer. No porn, all my finances are in check, no pictures, no emails that would make me feel uncomfortable." And then you would have a private eye follow them around and see what they do in their off time, and who they associate with and what kind of side trouble or deals go on. Not many of us can say we've never been consistently virginal in our everyday behaviour.

I know most of us are probably pretty clean cut in our personal lives, but Im sure that if I didn't just catch your attention with the above paragragh, I would be willing to bet that if we were having a drink around a campfire that you could tell me something that youve done that was contraband, or underhanded. There aren't a lot of us out there that aren't above a shady handshake deal, or have done something that we knew was wrong, but we didnt care, or worse, justified it as an entitlement issue that we felt that we were "owed" it.
I'm sure that all of us reading this will say, "Im guilty of this...." and can think of some example of an act they've done that they see in their head and wince.

-And those are the GOOD people. And if that WAS you that I just described being good your whole life, I would imagine that the rest of the world calls you boring, square or nerdy.

The really bad and evil people have lies upon lies, and false lives going on that you would never know who they really were and they are trapped in this false life by their own doing. Some of them are plain assholes, but the ones that really scare me are the ones that you don't see coming. When you find out that someone you knew was a rapist, or a killer or swindled people out of money. Things that they would throw your ass in the can and let you do some thinking with a few years' time on your hands.

But for the most part, I get bothered by the disappointment that it all takes. When someone lets you down, and you held them right up there with the good guys and you find out that they arent anything that you thought that they would be. Its impossible to ever trust that person again and you lose all respect for that person too, dont you?

Well, I know that I've been on both sides of that situation. So I'm not throwing stones at glass houses, but it really makes me feel worse that people will always hurt one another based on what they want.

I LOVE it when people screw you and then tell you that "its nothing personal, its just business"

Are you kidding me? What they MEAN to say by this, is that they "didn't mean this to personally hurt you, its just that my greed got the best of me, and I wanted something that you got in the way of"

I loved it in the movie "Taken" when Liam Neeson was tracking down his kidnapped daughter and the man responsible for trafficing the women said that line to Liam Neeson's character.
-Like it would make Liam Neeson feel better that his daughter was kidnapped and sold off to Albanians who used her like a sex slave. Oh, Nothing personal though!!

Sorry, I went off an a tangent there...

And for the most part, you only see us people Sorry when we are caught. I dont think many people cry in front of judges and jury's because they really feel badly for what they have done. They feel badly for what is about to happen...To themselves.

Sometimes, I think that the worst thing that God ever did was create people. And then you meet someone who touches your life, and restores your faith in the human spirit all over again. -Only to have this roller coaster tale appear over and over again your whole entire life.

Having being an optimist, I always think on the positive side that people are indeed for the most part good. But Im aways aware that there are many people out there that dont think quite like me...

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