Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great Movie Scenes

I LOVE movies.

In fact, many would say that Iam a movie snob. I either love the movie, or I think it was ok (meaning it could have been so much better) or it disturbs me.

This week, I rented a movie I knew would bother me. I have had so much interest in seeing it dispite knowing it would bother me, but I knew it would never stop bothering me until I saw it. So this has inspired what I feel are great movie scenes of some of my favourite movies.

10) Wedding Crashers/Swingers/Old School

Vince Vaughn may play the funny/cool guy role better than anybody before or after him. Take a pick of his many funny moments and you will see why he makes the top 10

9) True Romance

The death scene of Dennis Hopper's Character with Christopher Walken at the helm. It is poinant, calm and violent all in the same moment. Brilliant writing which includes the history of so many misunderstood reasons of Italian dislikes...

8) Ferris Beuller's Day Off

The moment when the camera moves from the abhorred face of Edward R. Rooney (Dean of Students) to the face of Cameron Fry imitating the voice of Ferris Beuller's girlfriend Simone's father. This is every kid's greatest truimph when you pull one over so badly on a higher ranking adult that it makes them almost cry with joy...

7) The Princess Bride

You could very well pick any scene from this movie and I would agree with you, but I would have to go to the sword fighting scene between the Man in Black and Eneugo Montoya after climbing the Cliffs of Insanity. The character development is just too funny.

6) The Shawshank Redemption

This was a very tough movie to watch in many places, but it was such a great movie and really well told. I think to me, the best scene was the ending one where Andy was working on his boat and the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman was walking his character along the beach as a free man towards his good friend Andy Dufresne.

5) My Best Friend's Wedding

The Scene where the entire wedding party is at lunch and Jules's friend (Rupert Everett) starts telling his (made up!) story about how he and Jules met and they take it to the next level by singing "I say a Little Prayer For You" Love the energy, love the hat, love the song, LOVE IT!!

4) Legends of the Fall

I think this is the movie that brought Brad Pitt the sexuality that has since followed him everywhere. There are many scenes that are touching, but the one that stands out the most to me is the letter that Mr. Ludlow writes to his estranged wife about how having all three of his sons safe inside his house fills him with a great satisfaction that he thanks God every night. This is set to a very moving piece of music that leads into the first and long list of tragic moments in their lives; showing that you should be thankful for the peace in your life when you have it...

3) Beautiful Girls

A fantastic, but not well known movie with an All-Star cast including Natalie Portman's best role ever. Ted Demme directed this movie and then was involved in a nose-candy related death. Unfortunate, because it was great work...
However, I think the scene where Timothy Hutton and and Uma Thurman are in a plush ice fishing hut in the dead of winter having a quasi-sexual moment leads us all to a place in our lives that we have been caught in and would like to forget with honour and class. This scene says it all.

2) Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks actually took this role over the lead in The Shawshank Redemption and it couldn't have been a better happy-feel good moment.
The scene at the Mall in Washington DC where Forrest is talking at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and he tells the MC what his name is in front of 10's of thousands of people. After the silence, a lady yells, "FORREST!!" and she leaps into the reflecting pool. He replies, "JENNY!!" and makes his way down to the water and meets her half way as they embrace and the people watching them explode with excitement. Touching...

1) Almost Famous

If you've ever loved a band or travelled in one or followed, the #1 scene that I love is the scene after Russell Hammond, the guitar playing, acid-dropping, sleep deprived rocker has after spending the night stoned with his friendly side-kick correspondent William Miller.
The rocker gets picked up by the band's manager and after making a speech about leaving the small town they played the night before and bidding them adieu with the promise to return the following year, the piano of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" starts to play and it crescendos to the point where the whole bus is singing the song as it rolls on down the highway, all smiles and all forgotten...

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  1. WOW THESE ARE GREAT PICKS FOR YOUR FAVOURITE SCENES IN MOVIES - My Favourtite scene is the end shootout - how cleaver having 3 separate groups ready to pouncer check it out here -

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