Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seeing the ugliness in people. -Would you want to see it?

There are always people in our lives that disappoint us. And if they disappoint us, that means that we expected more from them than they demonstrated at the time to let us down.

But what if you could see someone that you really admired, liked, loved and you could see that person's past sins, or worse, their true colours and nobody could. Would you look at this as a gift that it could allow you to weed the people out that you would save yourself from enivitable heartache or disappointment, or would you look at it as a curse, knowing that everyone that you ever knew would never be without flaw that you couldnt see?

A good example of this would be in the movie "Crash" where you as the viewer get to see the ugliness of people before it was revealed to others. We judged the Asian man who got run over by the 2 black guys and left for dead as a helpless victim until we found out that he was a slave trader selling Vietnamese aliens to the underground market.

I for one, would not wnat to deal with the constant disappointment that this vision would bring. I can't see it now, but I would keep it this way. I think I would be in living hell if I saw the ugliness of everyone in this world. We all have an ugly side, and I would prefer it stay hidden....

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