Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Moment in Time

Whitney Houston does such a phenomenal job of bringing chills to me whenever I listen to this song, and most importantly, it's message. My favourite passage of this song is what I will include here and share with you...

"I want one moment in time

When I'm more than I thought I could be

When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away

And the answers are all up to me

Give me one moment in time

When I'm racing with destiny

Then in that one moment of time

I will feel

I will feel eternity"

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a competitive person, and I share that in my love of sports. This message to me sends Olympic triumphs to my head, and I envision my one moment in time to reflect an ego-centric version of me on a podium in front of the world getting the acknowledgement that every human craves.

However, this week I have a different vision...

When I heard this song again (because I have heard it many time before in the past) it sent a different message to me, and so I thought I would share that with you now.

Having a child and watching them grow up in front of your eyes is a gift that none of us truly deserve. These little people are so precious and they are everything that we value as parents, and people living together. Having a child is also something that brings you to another level as that person, and they are the only reason why we would do things against our will and love it. We do it because they deserve more than we can ever give.

A friend of mine posted an idea the other day that I loved, and it ties in with my thought today. His thought was this, and I have paraphrased it here below...

"Unless a person has trained themself for this chance, the chance will only make them look ridiculous. A great occasion is worth to someone exactly what the preparation enables them to make of it. Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark. You've got to be in a position for success to happen. Success doesn't go around looking for someone to stumble upon. Total preparation now, and live life like champions do."

And what a complete truth that was to me when I read it.

So instead of hearing that "One Moment in Time" song now and thinking of myself, something completely unexpected came to me, and it made me realize something that I had never thought of before, and I began to write this down....

"At this time, I want my daughter to see me prepared to watch her father not fail. I want her to be watching when a life changing moment comes our way, and have me not freeze from fear or an inability to react. I want to remain cool when conflict arises and have wisdom handle the situation, and not a scared little man inside my body who has existed in me up until this point in my life.

My life was previously about what I can do for myself, and now it is about what I can do for my child, and prepare her for a life of whirlwind experiences. It is my utmost fear that I will fail my daughter in a moment in time that defines who I am, and what I stand for. It is my biggest fear that she will see this and will remember it for her entire life.

Therefore, I must train my body and mind so that when the moment arises, I will not fail her and I will always give her the example that a young person deserves from their parent. I realize that every child deserves a parent, but not every parent deserves a child.

Because this alternative is something so horrific, that it will motivate me to work hard in succeeding beyond my wildest dreams so that I will be able to know that when I am gone from this earth, that I did not fail in being the best example I could to the one person in this life that matters most to me. -My Child.

Because if I were to succeed in that one moment in time and my daughter has seen in me in it, that means that I will never have to prove another thing to another person in my life.

And that will be my One Moment in Time, and that will BE my eternity..."



  2. great choice of her one of her song, now listen to the bodyguard


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