Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christmas Story Movie

The Greatest Christmas Comedy bar none... No arguments, because I won't argue with someone who doesn't agree with that.

Ralphie was my childhood idol. Everything about this movie speaks volumes about growing up as a kid in a Suburban neighbourhood and yearning for Christmas Day to provide you with the one passion that you have faked being good all year long to get...

I want to sit down and have pints with the person who wrote this movie, because this guy has lived a childhood that we can all relate to. -The wicked teacher trying to thwart your best effort to throw in a clue of what you most want for Xmas so that Mom and Dad, and maybe even Santa Claus will know what to bring.

I mean, C'MON, does anyone know how HARD it is for a boy that age to just TRY to be good for an entire year for a small kickback like an official Red Ryder carbine action, 200 shot range model air rifle?!

We are pumping with all these ego-gratifying, women-appeasing emotions rocketing throughout our bodies, and we just feel the NEED to be bad. Hell, now that I think about it, I STILL have those same feelings, and I don't have me a Red Ryder BB Gun to shoot my eye out....

I miss the days before Xmas where they would play The Christmas Story in a 24 hour marathon. I would sit there all day to watch it, and laugh my ass off....

A couple of my Favourite scenes...

The F dash, dash, dash word scene. "Except I didn’t say Fudge. I said the queen mother of all dirty words..."

The flagpole tongue experiment and the ensuing Triple Dog-Dare hierarchy of dares.

The leg lamp

The Bumbass's Dogs.

Asking Santa for the RR BB Gun

And when Ralphie snaps and finally beats the shit out of Butch the bully.

Awwwww, nothing says "Good Will Towards Men" like that...

Enjoy your own Christmas Story;)

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