Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Mexicans are Taking our Jobs!!

When I was a kid, I used to watch a very famous cartoon of 2 crows named Manuel and Jose. These 2 crows were Mexican, and cast a very strong stereotype. -They were lazy, always drunk, sleeping under trees, and were portrayed as being really stupid. They had heavy Spanish accents and slurred their speech most of the time because it was obvious that the creators were trying to get the idea across that they were always impaired. Considering that I lived in Canada, and there wasn't really a lot of Mexicans to talk to, this was probably my first introduction to a Mexican. I watched this show as a little sponge, and this TV cartoon showed me what every Mexican was all about. -Or was it?

Fast-Forward to me present day. I was talking with some friends the other day, and the topic of this Arizona legislation coming forward to prevent Mexicans from working in the USA illegally came up. From the way I see it, this was the bone of contention:

"Mexicans are taking away our jobs here in the USA and are here illegally."

And I agreed with a portion of that...

They are taking away the jobs that nobody else will work. And it's been this way for many decades...

Having been a recruiter in the food and packaging industry for the past 15 years, I can safely say that I have some good knowledge of the workforce here in the Greater Toronto Area. I can tell you how hard it is to present opportunities to working class people and get them better opportunities to move to. I can also tell you that the menial jobs out there for minimum wage like machine operators, are even harder to find people to work.

In fact I can safely say that in my 15 years of experience of recruiting, I don't want to work those jobs because it is an endless search of labour. You simply cannot ever have enough people to occupy these jobs because the turnover is endless. These are the jobs where white people are rarely found. If I walk in any of my clients factories, I would say that 95% of the labour force in these positions are non-Caucasian. Is there are certain reason for this?

Sure, white people don't want these jobs. Plain and simple.

So let's look at the jobs that these illegal Mexicans are taking away from other Americans...

I've been to the San Joachim valley in central California. It is the largest agricultural provider in the state, if not the country. I have family living there, and I've seen the farms and labour in these operations. Now out of all of these labour jobs, I have not seen a white person near them. And I would safely say that if there was a position a white person wanted, we would search it out and have it.

Yet there are no white people here... Why is that?

It's because we don't WANT those positions!! -They are WAY too hard to work.

We don't want to pick cotton, tobacco, or vegetables. We don't want the sun beating down on our pale white skin, we don't want our soft hands bleeding from picking cotton, and we certainly don't want to live in over-populated labour camps. We don't want to be working in slaughter houses, chicken farms or hard labour factory jobs.

But these jobs need to get done, right? We NEED people like this to work these jobs, or the nation doesn't get fed. So who's going to do it?

There is a reason why these jobs have been occupied by blacks andLatin Americans for decades. Frankly, no white person will, or wants to do it because it is hard work and it pays very little. These are 2 reasons why Mexicans will do it. Because they are used to working hard, and they are used to making very little money for it.

So the way I see it, what are white people afraid of? Are you afraid of losing your job to a Mexican? -No. Are you afraid that a Mexican will enjoy a better life than you do? Clearly, this isn't the case, because I don't hear anybody complaining about other jobs being taken away from Americans. Say for example, a Latin-American by the name of Alex Rodriguez taking away the starting shortstop job of Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees. Actually, I'm kidding here, because they ended up giving A-Rod the lowly job of playing 3rd base for the Yankees instead...

But seriously, I don't hear how the white people in American sports are being rapidly replaced by non-white people. Baseball, Football, Basketball used to be dominated solely by white athletes and now they are the minority in each sport by a long shot. But nobody complains about this?! Americans LOVE their sports, but they don't generally give a shit about menial jobs they won't ever occupy. So where do you think the complaining would lie?

Isn't that funny?

I would think that if you are complaining about something, it would have to be something that really bothers you. I mean, it takes SO MUCH energy to be negative that you would have to be passionate about really opposing this issue. But as far as I can see it, there is nothing to oppose on this issue...

The only thing I hear about this is that some other American has to pay for the illegal Mexican working in the States, and the benefits that they "enjoy". So my only other thought to this is this:

If as a society, there were people who would sacrifice the quality of their own lives to do jobs that nobody else wanted, but it needed to get done in order for the quality of your life to remain at the level that it is, wouldn't you pay a little extra for it? You already pay more for many other everyday things in your daily life for a better quality product or service, so why would this be any different than that?

The answer is, it isn't...

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