Saturday, December 4, 2010

Which Kind of "Hot" Person Are You?

I've said this before, but I will say it again...

I'm glad I'm not "Hot"!!

Certainly everyone has their attractive traits, but mine will never be the sort where I walk into a room and people look and stare at my beauty. -And I'm fine with that.

Actually, I look at it now as a wonderful gift.

For most of my adult life, I have befriended volleyball players. Having played the sport at a Varsity level in College, I have developed wonderful friendships with these people in the sport of court and beach volleyball. Of course, these people are some of the most attractive people in all of sports. Tall, athletic bodies, and hard working. -This usually translates into a good looking person, right?

Hanging around these people will always make someone like me, at 5'8 (172cms) look like second fiddle. I have just come to accept the fact that I will never be tall, dark and handsome. Sure, I have a look that works for me, but it's never going to be that raw attractiveness that each and every one of us wants to look like...

But because of this, I have had to really work on my personality. I have had to create attractiveness where there was none conventionally. This has been a lifetime process, and it never quite stops. But do you know what I've noticed? I've noticed that the really attractive people don't seem to work on it like we "Trolls" do.

Why is that?

The answer is because they usually never have to.

They get so much attention from every single person admiring their beauty, that they never usually have to work on their personality. In fact, if you find a really attractive person AND they have a great personality, you have pretty much found the Unicorn of the earth, in person form. They just usually don't exist, and are indeed very rare. (Don't get me wrong, I'm being facetious here because I know plenty of good looking people with great personalities, but they are very rare...)

And I think that this serves everyone well, otherwise they would change it, wouldn't they?

Attractive people without personalities don't develop one, because they feel that they will always find someone to put up with them because they are so attractive. Unconventionally attractive people develop great personalities to create more opportunity and develop "inner beauty" which is the most treasured, and offers longer-term happiness. And lastly, people who aren't attractive, and choose not to develop a personality, just leave themselves a life of few options and choices, and allow themselves to wallow in their own misery.

It is MUCH harder to develop a personality and character, than to be just be naturally beautiful. In fact, it is a lifetime process! But guess what? Eventually, looks fade... And when they do, you usually see those people who were once naturally beautiful clinging to their youth in any way they can, and they realize that they can't compete with who they once were. -The people out there who are younger and better looking than they are now. Realization then hits them, and they usually have to adapt into being a "better person" at this time.

To me, personality is the most attractive feature of finding a person to befriend, or love romantically. It's funny how we can usually have an easier time befriending the most unattractive person who has personality galore, but we could usually never date someone like that. And that's just how powerful looks really are...

In fact, most people that I know usually try the "Hot" person approach in their first few times, and then usually "settle" for a person of balance, who isn't as attractive as they would normally choose.

And in this process, we normally find someone out there that is usually more conventionally attractive than our mate, but not as hot as we find them as our mate now that we realize that their personality works with ours.

And that's what beauty evolves to, isn't it?

I can look at a million really hot women in bars and clubs, and think to myself, "How ugly is that person in real life" simply because I know the amount of maintenance, drama, and attention associated in being in a relationship with someone like that.

So although skin-deep beauty looks great at first, and really evokes strong pheromones in the beginning, it really pales in comparison to how ugly that person will become in the lack of a personality over time. And then you look at the most beautiful person, and realize how ugly they really are. And the attraction leaves your soul, and you can never find that person attractive ever again. -Even though their looks are exactly the same. But then, some other person will come along and do the same thing over and over

Ah, it's a continuing story and so my question remains the same:

Which kind of "Hot" person are you?

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