Monday, May 2, 2011

Is Osama Bin Laden Real?

I remember the morning of the Bombings on the World Trade Centre on Sept. 11, 2001.

I was driving en route to LA, and had stopped in a little Casino town called Mesquite, Nevada to play some cards. A couple hours after the Towers had fallen, every single American at the table was talking about someone named Osama Bin Laden.

I had never heard this name before.

"Bin What"? I asked

"Osama Bin Laden" they said.

Wow, that's pretty good pronunciation for a table of card players who had never left the state of Nevada, and couldn't spell Cat if you spotted them the C and the T.

The funny thing is, I was just talking about Osama Bin Laden the other day.

"They'll never catch him" I said.

The longer this chase for Osama Bin Laden goes on, the longer the war in Afghanistan can continue. -A war cannot exist if your enemy is dead, right? And Bin Laden seems to be the perfect target.

But who has actually SEEN Bin Laden?

Oh, I mean, outside of what CNN shows you on TV, or what the US government feeds you, who has actually seen that this guy isn't a Keyser Soze? (The Usual Suspects, Google him) What proof does anyone really have that this guy committed all of these crimes? Will they ever show his dead body, and if they do, who's body is it going to be?

Now, if they caught this guy ALIVE, that would be something fantastic. But we all knew that couldn't happen. Then he would be tried in international court, and he would reveal a WHOLE whack load of shit that the US Government probably doesn't want you to hear. -If, that is, because he was dead when they got him.

-Of course.

Could it be that Osama Bin Laden is a phantom created by those who in power who want to keep greasing the US War machine? They could give him an image, a name, a history, and villain-ize his ass all the way from here to the other side of the world. They could tell you that he is to blame for your lot in life, and awaken an nation to support a war that could've been another Vietnam. Lack of support, low morale, and a losing cause.

-Or they could unite everyone this time around in a cause that turned out to be nothing more than controlling the economies and countries with the largest Oil reserves...

Oh, you could spin this around for days, just like a dog chasing its tail, but I think you might draw your own conclusion?

The one thing I would ask is, how much research have you done on Osama Bin Laden, and who have you been getting all of your information from?
Just Sayin'...


  1. So, is it your contention that Al Jazeera is in on this as well?

    I mean, that would be super secret spy cool if the US had that sort of power, but I'm just not certain we do.

  2. I find it very convenient that after so many years the US news is now reporting that Bin Laden is dead. Interesting how this comes out now when the US is gearing up for a 2012 election. Remember back when Obama was first elected, how much hope there was in the US.That has since faded and Obama's popularity is slipping. What better way to gain popularity to be known as the President who was in office when Bin Laden was allegedly killed. Remember this was the guy that orchestrated the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001. It took 10 years to find him?

    Am I skeptical, absolutely I am and it's because I do not believe 9/11 happened the way we are led to believe it did. The US has a history dating back to the 1800's, of either provoking or in fact attacking themselves in order to go to war. In the 1800's they went to war against Spain in the Caribbean after it was alleged that the Spanish attacked and sunk a US navy vessel. It was proven years later that this was not the case.

    World War 2 was another example. The US wanted to enter into this war but had no viable reason to do so.

    Excerpt from a memo written by Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum of the Office of Naval Intelligence to president Roosevelt's military advisers.

    "If by these means Japan could be led to commit an

    overt act of war, so much the better. At all events we must be fully

    prepared to accept the threat of war."

    Why does the US go to war? Simple, money and control. The American government has members that control companies that manufacture weapons and they also control companies that rebuild after wars. The worst of these was the Bush family. How many people knew they had a close friendship with the Bin Laden family. Guess who left the US immediately after the 9/11 "attacks". The Bin Laden family.

    The Patriot Act that was put into law by the Bush administration has nothing to do with fighting terrorism. It is merely a means to control the American people, keep them scared and the government gets their support every time they go to war. Why do you think they are so patriotic, it's been ingrained into their minds since the 1800's.

    I encourage you to watch the DVD series called Loose Change. It may open your eyes

  3. Mr. Carmicheal,

    Dylan Avery actually began Loose Change as a work of fiction when Phillip Jayhan contacted him about it, not realizing it was fiction, and there was the birth of Loose Change as a "theory."

    Popular Mechanics debunked every aspect of it's claims relative to physics, metallurgy, and chemistry.(

    Now, someone could say, "Hey man! The US government can totally own Popular Mechanics!!"

    Then you have to realize that couldn't shut up a chubby gal who gave the President a blow you seriously think they could pull that off?

    Conspiracy Theorists dwell on one anomaly in attempts to discredit a mountain of evidence. They revel in being "enlightened," versus the hordes of sheep who actually believe the media. (As evidenced by your claim that Loose Change will "open your eyes.)

    Unfortunately, it simply does not add up when stacked against reason, science, and logic.

    As to the accusations that the US may have KNOWN about it and done nothing, I fall back on Hanlon's Razor: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity, as well as my own contention that the appearance of impropriety does not establish proof of impropriety.


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