Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's Your Excuse?

I have told myself many lies over the course of my life. I have given myself reasons to not do something I wanted to because I created a reason NOT to.

Whenever I was really unhappy, I told myself the reason WHY I was unhappy. -And of course, it became a truth. Why? Because everyone else lies to us, but we wouldn't lie to ourselves, right?


We lie to ourselves in every situation in everyday life, and one of the biggest ways that we do it, is through making excuses.

Let me give you an example:

Let's use money as an example. I usually hate using money, because it's just such a lame example, but it seems that it's the most used excuse people use, so we can all relate to it...

Lately, I have realized that living my life my way hasn't worked very well. I am an healthy male, with no addictions and no vices, and I wasn't making horrible decisions, but the ones I were making didn't seem to work out. I used to make a lot of money, and now I don't make anywhere near what I used to. I always said that whether I had a lot of money, or no money, you would never be able to tell. -Because money meant I had choices, not a better life.

But we all spend money in different wasteful ways, and then we say, "I can't afford it" to something valuable. We all complain that we never have enough money, but then we never DO anything about it. When someone presents something to you that might help, the thing people say right away is:

1) I have no money

2) I have no time

These 2 excuses actually hold you back from improving your life. What if you actually HAD enough of both time and money (don't worry, you don't...lol) what would really improve your life?

The answer is not much.

Sure, you would travel more, and you would live in a nicer house, and drive a nicer car, but it would soon dawn on you that you really couldn't share it with your friends at the moment. If you have something great, and you can't share it with the people you have loved your entire life, what good is it?

And even if you had that freedom, the people around you simply wouldn't. And they would always give you the same excuse that you used to use. I don't have enough time, or money.

These excuses are SO lame!

Everyone has exactly the same 24 hours in a day as the next person. Wouldn't you think that if you had these same resources, that you could make some changes to better your situation?

But the problem is, that we are comfortable living like this. Only when you are uncomfortable, do you make changes. So if you are still telling yourself that you have no time and no money, you are lying to yourself. You have always found a way to buy the things in life that matter the most to you. In fact, most of us can tell you things that we have as vices that we spend money on. -Because it makes us happy, or we think that we are entitled to it. Vacations are the biggest examples of this. Everyone will always tell you that they are entitled to these to make themselves feel better for 1 week away for all the rest of the year they suffer.

The simple truth is, is you believe that something will make your life better, you will FIND a way to do it. Whether it be to find the time, or find the money, you FIND a way. -Because you want it.

So happiness is out there. Can you find a way to make it work for you?

Or are you going to stick to the same excuses, that have gotten you where you are at this very moment reading this...

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