Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Transformation, May 1, 2011

I've had a pretty good run at trying things my way.

And I've come to the realization, that "My Way" doesn't work unless you are Frank Sinatra.

Over the past fleeting 5 or 6 years of my life, I have realized that I was a coward. Big admission, I know, but it's true.

I was afraid of so many things in my life, and afraid that someone would step into my life whom I deemed greater, or more important than me, and pierce my armour plate facade. This was my biggest fear, and it prevented me from trying anything that put success in my way. -In any form.

Well, that ends now...

Today is May 1, and I plan to "out" myself in this blog or mission statement to change all of this. I am giving myself the accountability to announce it to all of you, so that it will get done. I have learned that in the past, I have never valued what I said I was going to do. Well, not this time.

I have a couple goals at the end of this month that I want to hit. I will share a couple with you.

1) I want my body back. I used to have a great body, and I want it back. I figure that I'm going to be living in this body for the rest of my life, so I may as well take care of it. Too many of us take better care of our cars, houses, and other things, than we do with our bodies. This seems crazy, because without our bodies, things like houses, cars and other things wouldn't really matter, would it?
Now, the good news is, that I am still in good shape, health wise. But why let it get to a point where I'm doing this because I am in BAD shape?
So I weigh 181 lbs. today. -this is a little heavy for me, and I could stand to lose a good 10 lbs. But I am going to lose 20 lbs this month, and start to transform my body back again.
Marc "Funk" Roberts is going to be my personal inspiration with his Spartacus training, all I have to do is the work. -That's the east part. It's like jumping from an airplane. All you have to do, is take the first step, and gravity will take care of the rest.

2) I am going to finish the first draft of my novel in the next 9 days. I have a deadline date of May 9th that I had set for myself back in the spring, and I am on track with this. There will be re-writes after I finish my first draft, but this will be my first big accomplishment of saying I was going to do something, and doing it.
It's been a LONG journey doing this, but I am finally seeing this turn from a collection of writings, to a story that is mine. -All right in front of my own eyes.

3) I have realized that I have a powerful network of wonderful people in my life that I don't edify enough. This month, I am going to reach out to 50 people that are friends, family and work contacts, and tell them how much I value them.
This may not seem like much, but I really believe that the people in my life are wonderful beings. I think that if someone would've reached out to me like this when I was feeling miserable, it would've made a big difference.

In short, I am not going to let "Life is crazy" stop me from reaching out to people in my life that make a difference. Finding good people in life is so difficult, that it should not stop me from sharing my affection to them. I want to help you, as much as I want to help you me. -In business, in private, in friendship, and in life. Because really, that's what friendship really is, isn't it?

I have found that I am tired of living my life as one big excuse. I had a million excuses for everything. And worse, I even believed them to be true when they weren't. I created a falsehood of limitations in a negative mindset that had no way of allowing me to succeed because I kept giving myself and others around me reasons and stories why they couldn't get done. Sound familiar? Do you do the same thing? -Of course you do!!

So, I'm going to be the brave one, and go first. I'll see you in 30 days, and tell you how great my life is going to be from here on in. If you want in on owning your life back, contact me this month instead of me contacting you. -I would love some company for this ride.

These are small and big tasks, but they are going to get done. So watch me do it...

-It's gonna be one hell of a ride!!

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  1. Well stated; self reflection is the hardest thing to act upon. I have no doubt you will succeed. Fitness got me on the way to recovery. Good luck.


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