Monday, August 29, 2011

My Tranformation Part Deux

So I wrote a blog about transforming my life on May 1.

I can't believe that was almost 4 months ago... So much has happened in my life in those 4 months that I simply cannot think of where to begin. My life has become wonderful again, and I can't remember where or when I last felt this good about where my life is going.

In short, from the May 1 blog that I posted, I finished my first draft of my novel. I was introduced to a book publicist that has put 68 books on the New York Times Best Sellers list, and I am in the process of preparing my first draft into a series of re-writes and I will have my novel published in the New Year. Yay!! This was such a huge breakthrough for me to say that I have written a book. And do you know why this has been possible? It's because I had a powerful reason WHY the message of my novel needs to get out to people. Every time I thought that what I was writing was stupid, or that "nobody would read this", or "this will never get published", I took a step back and realized that the message in my novel is of the utmost importance for people in life to get connected to their own lives. I really believe that everyone on this earth should take the message of my novel to heart. It will make a world of difference in your and your loved ones lives. That reason alone, is why I was able to finish this book, despite all the obstacles that got in my way over a 2 year period.

I have really changed my body in 4 months. I have dropped about 10 lbs, but I have added much more muscle to my frame and I feel good about being me again. I have much more energy and I feel confident about myself and my body.

I have absolutely changed my perspective about the people and relationships in my life. I realized that I was the common denominator in each and every situation in my life, and I have taken ownership of it. I no longer am interested in being victimatic and allowing life to "happen" to me. I now am committed into making life happen the way I want it to occur.

This next year of my life is going to be simply amazing. I am committed to making a difference in my friends and families lives, and I cannot wait to see the transformation in this process. And that's really what this has all been, is a process. I am still working it like a process, and I hope to see you there along with me.

If you are interested in transforming your life, and being all that you want to be, I would love it if you would contact me. -Even if I don't know you. I am committed to surrounding myself with powerful people and making a difference in life. Anything else is simply a waste of time and effort in your one chance in life. So live it powerfully!

Contact me at if you want some of this ;)

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