Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Men Want to Say to Women

I think I have always been aware that I am a little more emotional than the average straight guy (had to get that in there...) The women in my life have always teased me about it, and I've also heard it from my mother as well, but for the most part, I love being this in touch with my emotional side.

For the periods of my life when I have not been in a relationship, I have found a real loss of power in sharing myself with that partner who seems to inspire me to tell her things I reserve for "the right one"

There are moments in the day where I will look at people in love, and be slightly envious that they get to stare into each other's eyes and share that moment. I would like to steal it for the briefest of moments just to feel that whole body rush which tells your gut that "this is right" I don't have a mindset that has to be justified if I love someone, it is just a way of being. My intuition is satisfied and it lets me know this.

At times like this, it is "safe" for me to say things like you as a woman want to hear. I really only want to say them because I want to inspire and make you feel loved. Of course I mean them, but if I were to say them, and you had no reaction, I would not continue to say it. It's really your reaction, and your way of being that makes us as men want to continue to give you compliments. Unfortunately, these are conditional. If you don't take a compliment well, chances are good that you are going to be fighting for them in the future.

But, oh the magic when I send you that message of love and you stare me in the eyes and just simply say, "Thank You" -It makes my head spin, and I see visions of you and I making out like teenagers on a big King Sized bed with 700+ thread count sheets.

When I haven't seen you in a while, and I see you walking in with a larger than life smile that I think is only reserved for you and me, it makes me want to move mountains for you. It creates such great energy that I want to pass it on to you, and tell you all the things that you yearn to hear. All the things about how I value your friendship, input in life, your view, your way of being and not want to change you, but love you for who you really are in your life at the moment.

This will change, I know... But for the moment, let me close my eyes and just take it all in because I can't help smiling!

Ah, you people in love. You're simply wonderfully blessed...

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