Thursday, September 22, 2011

The New Changes to Facebook

How do you feel about change?

I love the way this was put to me the other day..

The pessimist says, "change is bad!" The optimist says, "change is good!" The realist says, "change is a fact of life - deal with it!" And the existentialist says, "like everything else, change is utterly meaningless, until you decide what it means to you and what to do about it."

So where do you fall into this?

Yesterday, I was amazed about how many of the people on Facebook lashed out against the new changes. It seems that EVERY TIME Facebook changes something in our lives, we "hate" it. We then get used to it, and truly forget what Facebook was like just 6 months ago. I mean, who can REALLY remember how basic Facebook was when you first joined?

So when you see this above message, is this how you feel? I would say that if you feel this way about a free service such as Facebook, then there are most likely other areas in your life that you are resistant to change with, correct?

There is one thing I noticed about the people who used this new change of Facebook to lash out. These people who became so pissy that Facebook changed its look are the same people generally speaking, those who always have life occur for them as being "hard", a struggle, a battle, or some other sort of drama in their lives.

If you view life as hard, then inevitable changes are always going to bother you. And that pretty much means life in general, because life is always going to be changing. So, you can learn to expect change is always coming, or you can bitch about it when it comes. -Either way, change is the one constant thing in the equation that is always going to be there. How it occurs for us is the power that we give it.

Now those who look at Facebook's changes and adapt to it with an open mind, are more likely to be the people who have less battles in their lives, and things are not always overwhelming, chaotic, or struggling. They embrace the change, and it actually empowers them, and doesn't take energy from them.

See, it's all about creating energy in life. The things you do in life either create energy, or they zap it from you. You have a choice in every matter which creates or zaps your energy. It may be a little bit, or it may be a lot, but in each instance it happens.

If you were to look at the energy that you create as money, would you have a different respect for it? If I told you that every time you complained about something, it would take 5 dollars from you, and we would tally it up at the end of the day. -would you be emotionally bankrupt?

Now, if I GAVE you 5 dollars for every time you created energy, would you be wealthy at the end of the day? Now, money aside, there would be a MASSIVE difference in the way you occur to people in your life if you were creating energy, as opposed to zapping it.

If you were creating energy, people would be attracted to you, business would come your way, and life would just be better because everyone wants to surround themselves with positivity. But how would it occur to most people if you weren't this way, and you complained about how everything is hard? Generally speaking, people and business would avoid you like the plague.

Get my point? Either way, it's not going to change one little bit about how the world is in action. Complaining about Facebook isn't going to CHANGE it. But it certainly changes, and has an impact on you, and in other areas of your life that occur similarly.

So really, the choice is always yours. The question is, how are you going to add more positivity to your life, or add more challenges. Either way, you create your energy capacity with that choice.

So what do YOU choose?

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