Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Playing The Philadelphia Flyers Alumni

When I was growing up as a kid in Northern Virginia during the mid 70's there was only one hockey team that mattered. It was the Philadelphia Flyers. Sure there were other great teams like the Boston Bruins with Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito, or the Montreal Canadiens with Ken Dryden, Guy LaFleur, and all the rest of their greats, but somehow they just never measured up to the Broad Street Bullies in their prime.

Guys like Bobby Clarke, who was a multiple league MVP and was the dirtiest, hard working leader a team ever knew. A goalie named Bernie Parent who was French Canadian and sounded like it, standing on his head in those old fiberglass face masks that inspired the entire city of Philadelphia to say things like "Only Jesus saves more than Bernie." Reggie Leach who was the snipers of snipers, along side of Big Menacing enforcers like Dave "The Hammer" Schultz, and Bob "Hound Dog" Kelly who would literally pound the hell out of the opposition into submission. Yeah, those were the days...

Well, those days come around full circle for me tomorrow night.

The Broad Street Bullies will be coming up from Philly and I get to have my boyhood dream of playing against them tomorrow night at 7pm.

The likes of Reggie Leach, Bob "Hound Dog" Kelly, Brian Propp, and many others are playing at The Nottawasaga Inn in Alliston, Ont. at 7pm vs. Team Scotiabank and I am the starting goalie!!

On my team, I boast Former Toronto Maple Leafs like Bill Derlago, Jack Valiquette, Wes Jarvis, Big bad Bob McGill, Former Washington Capital defenceman Bryan Muir, and former first round pick Darrin Shannon. It should be a blast!

Tickets are 30 bucks for adults and 15 bucks for students. I would love the support for this game. If you can make it up there, you will notice me with the biggest head imaginable (even minus the curly hair)

This is going to be one of the greatest nights of my life...

Stay tuned for the post game analysis...

Me and Flyers legend Brian Propp

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