Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sharing my Sunday morning with you...

It's a wonderful Sunday morning, and I wish to share this with you. There is a slight wind blowing that cools down my face when I close my eyes and point my nose towards the sun which is shining so brilliantly. I then close my eyes, and I listen to what my eyes could see without sight to guide my way.

My senses feel heightened, and I feel like I could fly into the wind and open my eyes to see me gliding around, looking at the world from above. I can see this in my head, and I dare not open my eyes for fear of breaking the moment that I am creating in my mind, which is convinced that this is very real.

I can see a field of gold standing on top of an elevated position over looking a valley of lush green, and a windy blue river which twists and turns and takes on the form of a non-venomness snake in shape, but not in colour. I feel like I am the creator of all of these things, and I am satisfied with its creation. The world occurs to me as if I have chosen to create this, and it perfect.

I open my eyes, to see that I am in my backyard and that everything is as it should be. I am where I should be at this exact moment and it's perfect.

Just as you are where you should be right now, and it is indeed perfect.

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