Tuesday, November 29, 2011

4 Days of my Life, Day #2

3 years ago tonight was the last night of me not being a father. Labour kicked in late in the morning hours, and my daughter's mother and I gathered our things and headed to the hospital and started making the calls to our family to know that the time has come.

We knew that we were having a baby girl, yet all the possibilities kick in when this is your first pregnancy of hoping that everything goes well, and everyone is healthy. A healthy baby is all I wanted coupled with a same delivery for all.

The next night at 7:22pm, November 30, Kennedy Lauren Bastie was born to us. She weighed 7 pounds even and she caused the most amazing feeling to her daddy that I had ever experienced. I'll never forget seeing her come into this world and holding her for the first time as her father. It's just something that can't be put into words. -And yes, I cried like a little baby myself.

Passing Kennedy to my mother was something that left me with a feeling of complete amazement. There are only a handful of moments that one could ever remember at any time in your life that had as much as an impact as that. Truly, anyone who has gone through the same process for the first time can relate to what I am talking about so I don't want to spoil it for you who haven't, but it will be the most spiritual moment of your life.

These 4 days in my life starting from November 28 when I first met my wife, to today when it was the Eve of Kennedy's birth, tomorrow, November 30th which is the day when Kennedy was born, and finally Dec. 1 is the day I lost my grandmother in 1991. These 4 days are together in my life and every year that these go by, I get a little sentimental.

So I thought I would share these with you since they are so important in my life and who I turned out to be...

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  1. I remember when we went to your shower at Murphy's Law but mum was already in labour! I am glad these three years have been good to you, blessings to you Dad.


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