Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Penn State Child Abuse Scandal

For the past few years now, I have written blogs about why there are child abusers.

I understand that there are issues with people who commit crimes, and there are many explanations as to why they do what they do, and of course sometimes there are no explanations as to why they do it at all.

Committing murder is the capital sin in society, and it gets a lot of attention and deservedly so. Sometimes, people can come to grips with murder, and the victims which paid for these actions. It takes a whole lot of time, but sometimes, time heals all wounds. However, where the wound that never heals is the one that hurts the soul of an innocent child.

In the senseless abuse of a child, the perpetrator actually alters how the future will look for the victim in a dramatic sense. Simply put, that child will never ever be the same. They will now live their life as that abused victim, and affect others around them as they deal with that abuse. It's such a terrible spin that sometimes death is viewed as preferable and we see these victims take their own lives because they simply can't live with the guilt and vision of what's become their lives.

After hearing about former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky alleged child abuse history, and it's cover up,  I was wondering when we as a society are finally gonna get our shit together and simply make child abuse the #1 most heinous crime, period.

Do you want to abuse little boys or girls? Fine. Upon conviction of this crime, you are to be neutered. Once you recover from this surgery, we get to corral you into a pit of unfed, territorial, horny gorillas and let them have their way with you. -Sort of the same way that you had your way with innocent little kids. Once we have shown everyone the example of how we treat child abusers, I imagine the cases of them will disappear. Just so it won't be a surprise, we will let everyone know who you are, and how deranged a person that you would have to be to make such an unfathomable choice. And hopefully, we make such an example out of you that it won't ever be a choice to abuse little boys and girls EVER AGAIN. Make the punishment so harsh, that it won't ever be comptemplated as a choice afterall. And then maybe the people who are mentally ill and "can't help themselves" will actually take that consequence to mind and actually seek out professional help.

But I'm tired of watching case after case of these poor kids have to pay for our stupidity as a society. We need to stop being "Nice" to these child abusers and start honouring our commitment to our kids that they can be guaranteed a future free from people sexually abusing them!! -That should be a right in society, not a privilege!

So first thing I am going to do on Monday morning is to find out who to talk to in my neighbourhood to start the process of toughening up the child abuse laws in my country. I think children everywhere deserve the right to be free from such atrocities, and I am going to see how we can make that happen.

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