Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ann Coulter is a Damaged Muppet...

Ann Coulter is like the mentally challenged kid in class that doesn't know she's mentally challenged. She's running around the playground of life trying to point fingers telling the rest of us that it is US who are mentally challenged.

Can you imagine if she was your daughter? I don't know if I have it in my being to love something so horrible, even if she was my daughter. I just hope her parents can't see her now...

There is just no arguing with her, and there is especially no sense in trying to reason with her. She is just a piece of bad fruit, and damaged goods to talk to. We've seen too many interviews with this woman to see that this simply isn't an act, she REALLY feels and believes passionately about her views. I thought that she was just out for some attention, but it's much worse than that. Unlike some attention seekers who just want their 15 minutes of fame, some money and then they leave, she is intent on staying and making hurtful statement after hurtful statement.

As a white male, I am disgusted to share the same skin colour as she does My fear is that some non-white person looks at Ann Coulter and thinks that just because she is out there, that every white person feels this way. Maybe it's just Ann who is expressing it, but do all white people think this?


My contention is how do the Conservative Republicans let this woman walk around saying this shit? I mean, how can you defend ignorance like her? You couldn’t, you wouldn't... Your credibility would be cut off so fast that it would mean political suicide to stand behind her. So how does she have so much of a following? Am I an idiot to think that there are people out there that can actually drink the Ann Coulter Kool-Aid and like the taste?

So who supports this idiot and lets her tour, publishes her books and thoughts, and allows her to go on the airwaves of TV, Radio and the Internet? Who pays to listen to her talks, and allows her to have the income that she has?!

You know, when you wake up in the morning and you think that some awful person like Ann Coulter makes more money than you do doing the crap that she does, it can make for a very long day. It's actually a bit hard to take sometimes.

Well, she is scheduled to speak in Calgary on Thursday. I hope Canadians ban her in Calgary tomorrow night when she gets off the broom stick she flies in on.


  1. I saw her on Michael Coren the other night, and thought she had some sound, intelligent opinions, and certainly a bold way of presenting them!

    Otherwise, I think it's a shame on us all (as Canadians), whatever your opinion of her and/or her beliefs, that she was unable to speak in Ottawa yesterday.

  2. You're kidding, right? Not you Chuck. Your commenter. Hiding behind the 'free speech' tag? Not in this country my friend, and that's because we put limits on 'free speech' when it crosses boundaries and becomes 'hate'. No question Ms. Coulter crosses the line when it comes to her comments on other races, religions and nationalities that aren't the same as hers. Shame on her! And shame on anyone who can't see that.


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