Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bachelor, Jake and Vienna


I don't remember ever seeing such a totally unanimous consensus about one thing on facebook like the status updates I was reading last night after Jake picked Vienna over Tenley.

Clearly, Tenley was the most adored one of the two that Jake could've picked to be his fiancée, but he went with the dark horse and picked Vienna whom most people did not like. It's odd that he chose Vienna though, considering that Jake himself is a quiet, family values modest kind of guy, yet he picks the girl who is most unlike him in almost every aspect.

And the people watching this show let him know it every chance they got.

The thing that I don't understand is why do we care?!

Every woman out there practically BLASTED out their disapproval about Vienna and how disappointed they were that Jake chose her. But this isn't a popularity contest, and we will never actually see or be involved in their lives together, so why is everyone upset? Why not be happy for Jake that he thinks that he has chosen his wife and that he is happy with that?

I'll tell you why...

-Because every girl out there watching this show can remember a time in their life when they "played" the role of Tenley. -The nice girl that didn't get picked. It's always the case with men and women, that the "Nice" person never wins, and that the sex kitten/bad boy always wins because they are always much more attractive in the "hunting" stage of the relationship.

My opinion is that this will last about 6 months before you will read in page 7 of the Tabloids that Jake and Vienna have mutually decided to go their separate ways.

-My reason for saying this? Well, I believe that Vienna is simply way too young, emotionally and physically. There is NO way a girl like her will wait patiently at home while her jet-setting pilot fiancée goes out to work for days at a time. She looks to me that she needs a lot of excitement, and attention, and I don't think that good ol' Jake is gonna be able to keep the home fires burning. Once that puppy love has ended, and Vienna discovers that there are no more Bachelor-esque dates planned with endless bottles of champagne hidden in steamy hot tubs, and rose peddles scattered on her bed with strawberries chilling on a plate beside her, I think she will realize that she wants more than Jake is going to give her.

Besides, Jake is too happy with the sex right now to complain!! C'mon, he has a 23 year old tiger in the sack with fake everything in all the right places!! This will last about 3-6 months depending on how much he can take, and then you will see ugliness rear its eventual head and start to peek around to see where it can start meddling...

And all the while, there is Tenley waiting on the sidelines talking about her "ex-husband" and how he hurt her waiting for her chance to love again. Poor Tenley... Will SOMEBODY PLEASE tell this woman that you DON'T talk about your EX every time it comes to your mind! That's called internal dialogue and it should remain there!! Stop letting this guy live rent-free in your head!! Move on and forget this anchor...

And if you want more about the whole Rozlyn thing, go to http://www.realitysteve.com/ He has been the premier Spoiler of this series from the very start, and he just recently interviewed Rozlyn for 2 hours and tells her story, minus the sex scandal tape of hers that had allegedly appeared...

But back to Jake and Vienna, why do all you women out there actually really care and get upset that Jake chose another girl that you wanted him to pick? 'Fess up and tell me. I told you the reason why I think it is so, so tell me YOUR reason...

I'm dying to know...


  1. Hey Chuck,

    I think it's a combination between what you claimed, nice girls finish last and that Jake himself admitted on the show numerous times that he's “always gone for looks and not substance ...”. This is why Vienna seems to be the contradiction of what he is looking for and possible caused such an outrage. However we don’t know the girl
    I agree with everything you said, from the attention Vienna will need, her lack of emotional maturity (however she seems pretty physically mature to me ... lol) to the puppy-love they have so why do we care it’s not like it affects our lives or that we’ve invested in them as a couple financially unless viewers somehow lost money watching the show it’s really being none of our concern.
    Girls will be girls though, and most hate the sex kitten even if she’s as sweet as the day is long. As a fellow ‘bad girl’ though I was still leaning towards Tenley but in the end understand why he picked Vienna ... boys in general have been unable to think with the right head since man first saw a woman, I blame the nudity, we do look better naked :o)


  2. You follow this season too? Another 20 man-points deducted, my friend... xx

  3. What he told his mom was very telling. He felt he couldn't be himself around Tenley. (could he push her in the pool with all her clothes on)
    He grew up with brothers and likes to roughhouse. He wouldn't dare try that with Tenley but he could sure as hell push Vienna in the pool without a second thought.
    Personally I think if Ali hadn't left he would have picked her in the end. She seemed to have the right mix of Tenley and Vienna combined.

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  5. Jakes choice reinforces the old adage "nice girls finish last"



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