Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pedophile vs. Murderer

I was reading an article about a man being released from prison the other day after he had served 2 thirds of his sentence for being a convicted Pedophile.

I was also reading about Former NHL hockey player Mike Danton who was released earlier this year after he had served his 6 year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder.

Both articles were for men who had served their time and had paid their debt to society, yet, it was a total difference in moving forward. The public outcry was against the Pedophile, and it was supportive of the attempted murderer moving on with his life.

So I thought this was worth asking, and that is; is a crime the same as the next crime?

Obviously, murder is considered the worst act that a human can commit. It carries the heaviest punishment, and it is looked at with great severity in its carried out sentence.

Being a pedophile is morally the worst crime that I think can be committed. I think people would be much more willing to forgive a murderer, than a pedophile. When children are targeted, there is a hierarchy of crimes, even amongst criminals. This is the lowest of the low, and everyone knows it.

Whereas if a murderer can be rehabilitated, I don't believe a pedophile can be. I think it is a mental illness that would cause a human to abuse little kids, especially in a sexual way. I don't think a pedophile reasons and acts in society like a normal person would. -Even compared to a Murderer.

So what to do about it?

Well, this is just my thought, but I think that we need more information on why a pedophile acts the way that they do. We need to find out how they reason, and why they lack the judgement, and are not able to control their urges towards children. I think we need much tougher laws to protect our children, and I would hope that given tougher sentences for being a pedophile, this would force these horrible sick people to not commit their unthinkable crimes.

Another step further would be an idea that I believe would serve the good of the whole in a much more altruistic way. I believe that all convicted pedophiles would be subject to medical testing while incarcerated. This means that we could use them as human guinea pigs to test their brains and see why there are people who live amongst us that would violate a young child and ruin that child's future. And I believe that being a pedophile automatically carries a life sentence in jail without the possibility for parole.

You want to abuse a child? Go ahead. Just know that in my mind, you run the chance of being violated much worse than the hurt you can inflict on a child. We will treat you with the same respect that your perverse mind treats other kids. And hopefully we will learn from your behaviour, and be able to come up with some great advances in medical science to avoid having pedophiles being a reality in our world...

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