Monday, March 22, 2010

The United States gets Healthcare. The world welcomes you to the 2000's and beyond...

So finally the United States of America has its proposed health care plan in place to serve every single American who needs it, instead of taking what you can or can't afford. It seems odd that the world's most powerful and wealthy nation of people would be the last first-world country to get this, but let's not look back, when so much progress has been made looking forward.

For the record, this is not going to be a great plan. It will be very flawed and will take generations to fix, but at least the first step has been made!! For those of you complaining that this will raise your taxes, you are right. For those of you complaining that there will be long lines, you are correct as well. Welcome to what every country in the world has to deal with in Medicare. I think it's about time that Americans stopped being arrogant in thinking that their system was ok "as is" in every capacity. You simply cannot abuse decades of foolish spending and planning and expect a quick fix...

Surely, something has to suffer when you spend Hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars in defence, and you ignore healing your own people. Surely something has to suffer when one in every 3 or 4 Americans are clinically obese. The US have the fattest people on the planet, and they are going to need a nationalized healthcare plan. Surely when the elite of the elite in the States bring the nation's and world economies to a global recession because of greed and posterity, something is going to suffer.

And now the piper is calling. -Its payday. Give me your first born, give me your mansions, your boats, your 401K's and the rest of your fortune. You've had it too good for too long and haven't realized that in enjoying today, your children's future is worse than you think it is. You've been watching rerun's of "Gone with the Wind" remembering a nicer time, rather than dealing with the serious problems now facing you.

What's that? You don't want socialism? You don't want economic reform, higher taxes, and have to share your wealth with immigrant Americans? Sorry. You should've thought about that while you were out playing in the field enjoying the days of slavery and how the west was won. I'm quite sure the people who lost those battles weren't happy about it either.

So on the lucky side, you are quite fortunate that you are still the least taxed first world country who has the lowest gas prices and can buy clothes and items cheaper than any of your fellow trade partners like Canada, UK, France, Italy and you enjoy a higher standard of living than most.

So consider yourself fortunate in catching up to the rest of the world.

Now if we can just get you converted to the Metric System, you will be almost complete...



  2. wait a minute... Isn't your statue of Liberty protecting your "poor, your tired, your weak"?
    Healthcare does this...


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