Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Col. Russell Williams

I want to puke...


Clearly, this article is disturbing in many, many ways but the most disturbing of it all, is that it actually happened, and the man who did it was a very high ranking Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces leading our men and women.

There are a couple things that jump out at me right away, and I'm going to list them in no particular order...

A) Why would such a powerful man and a high ranking official put himself in a situation to be such a creeper and do these things? I just don't understand it?! To keep all the evidence and catalogue them with all the pictures he took?! What moron does this? This is not only stupid, it just reeks of egotistical as if to say "catch me if you can"

B) It makes me sick that he gets his FULL pension of 60K per year for life while he is a convicted and admitted murderer, and sexual deviant amongst the other crimes he has committed. Not only that, but his monthly salary has been paid to him since February while he has been in jail awaiting trial. His admission of guilt back then should've carried an immediate court-martial to strip him of rank and benefits and face Military charges for at least "Behaviour Unbecoming" and set a precedence for the future.
Instead of this, he is now going to draw his pension AND then cost the taxpayer the 85K a year for the REST of his life to keep him in prison. That is complete BULLSHIT.

Does somebody want to explain to me why we have to cut social programs that we need and can't afford, while pieces of shit like this man Russell Williams admit to raping, and murdering members of our Military, and civilians, get 145K allocated per year, towards their prison term for life?!

Are you really telling me that this is true? How am I supposed to take this as a Canadian citizen? How are you supposed to tell me this, and then tell me that this is the fair and ethical treatment of a deviant military leader who clearly is a "broken toy"? Worse, how are you trying to tell me that all the victims and their families and the hurt and pain put on them are supposed to feel about this? This is like a slap to their faces. So, with treatment, counselling and future trauma, I can't even put a price on what this man has done with his miserable life. Dollars just can't express the devastation (best word I could think of...) that he has caused.

Now, wanna hear what Chuck Bastie has to say about it? (of course you do, you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't...)

Kill the MF

Even better idea...

Save Canada the millions of dollars of expense in keeping this monster alive and try him in a General Court Martial (Military Trial) Upon conviction, he would be subject to death. I would say death by Firing Squad, but that is an honour reserved for Soldiers, and he would be stripped of rank and benefits, so hanging is good enough.

Let his body hang for 7 days as an example to all of those people out there who need help, to get it and stop polluting the world. After the 7th day, his body is to be cremated so that there is no place to support his dead corpse on our soil. His cremated remains should be taken out to sea and dropped far off Canadian sovereign.

Goodbye Russell Williams and good riddance.

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