Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Was Your Greatest Moment?

What one moment made you great?

Remember that feeling of elation; that feeling of triumph? Remember taking off your clothes at the end of the day, and not being able to stop smiling about what a great day you just had? It comes along all too rarely that it almost creates an orgasmic feeling when it actually does happen.

Maybe it was a birthday and you got surprised and all your friends overwhelmed you with love and support. Maybe you helped someone who really appreciated it, and that time and effort meant all the difference. Extending kindnesses that mean so much to others and maybe are not so realized to you, are good ones too. When you do something nice for someone and they can't stop thanking you for it over and over again, not because they are trying to be annoying, but because they genuinely REALLY loved you for it.

That's always a treat.

Maybe it could be that massive hug from your kid(s) after a day with them and creating wonderful memories. Memories are great, but making them are even better!!

Ah, the possibilities... I could go on and on about these moments.

But the question remains...

What is Your Greatest Moment?

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