Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mental Health and Anti-Social Behaviour in Canada

In the wake of reading about the trial of Col. Russ Williams, I have been completely consumed by the tragedy of this story. The details of how he videotaped and murdered those women, and then documented and catalogued them disturbed me terribly.

I can't imagine the mentality of such a killer who would take some one's mother, father, son, daughter from this earth in such a selfish fashion as sex. Clearly there is an identifiable problem in Williams, and he needed help a long time ago before it came to this point. But it's too late now... Sure, catching him now saved lives down the road, of that I am sure. But I mean, hundreds of people have been affected for life because of this man's sickness. And that's exactly what it is. -A SICKNESS.

I have said this before in my blogs, but you see mental health as being a more violent offender now than ever. Previously, we just stuck the mentally ill in a home somewhere and let them exist on their meds. Now, this mental illness has gotten to the point where it is seriously affecting our society.

Just like when kids were starting to be diagnosed with ADD 15 years ago EN MASSE, and we realized that EVERYONE had it, so is mental illness coming to the forefront.

I now believe that we all have some sort of mental illness in various forms and strengths in our everyday lives. Call it OCD, call it a phobia that controls our decisions and lives, call it anxiety disorder, call it whatever you want.-They are numerous. I've noticed that the older people get, the more crazy we are about our routines and how little ability we now have to be out of our "comfort zone" before we get annoyed, and don't play nicely with others.

But then you have people who are clearly anti-social, and demonstrate anti-social behaviour. This makes me wonder what is happening in the chemical breakdown of brain processing that enables them to feel that they can go out and hurt others for their own selfish means. I wonder if medical science actually knew and HAD the answers, and they were such that said something like...

"The brain's electro-neuron transmitters are unable to bridge and connect to others in the right side of the brain and frontal lobe, causing loss of empathy, and could lead to anti-social behaviour. No cure known"

Would that be enough to put this person to death if they committed a heinous crime such as this?

If the medical prognosis came back to say that this person is a "Broken Toy" (a term I like to use) can we get rid of it if they demonstrate they can't be trusted? I mean, we throw away cars, toys, equipment and other valuable things when they can't be fixed and no longer serve a purpose in our lives. Why would this be any different? A dog attacks and bites, and it can not be trusted again? Put the dog down, right?

Oh, we can't do this because this person is "human"?

I ask you this... If that was your son or daughter that was raped and killed by this kind of cold blooded killer, would you think the same way?

Oh, hmmmmmmm. Yeah. I didn't think so...

Personally, I think we are too forgiving of heinous crimes. It's time to get some accountability back. I would start the process off with our kids in society and offer them MORE protection because they certainly need it. Here's my proposal:

If any person is guilty of touching, violating, killing, or sexually abusing a child under 18, that person shall be sentenced to death upon conviction. With the forensic evidence and testing these days, it makes it much more cut and dry to get a 100%  conclusion about the facts and evidence. You want to touch a kid in Canada? Go ahead. Just know that it will cost you your life. And I don't mean that you spend the next 25 years locked away from society as your body and brain rot at the taxpayers expense, I mean that you will be publicly executed. And we will use your dumb ass as an example.

Does that make me sound harsh? Maybe. Are these people sick? Absolutely. But here is the kicker... Do these people know what they are doing is WRONG? Absolutely they do! Do you think Col. Williams knows he has a problem? Is he sorry that he got caught? Did he try to cover up all of his steps because he knew the consequences of his actions? The answer to all of these questions is: YES.

If you know that this behaviour is wrong, and punishable, then don't do it, right?

"But I can't help myself" they say.

Too late. Just like any other problem, you get help. If you can't get help before you strike at others, you die. If they don't want to play by the rules, get rid of them. There is NO good reason to keep people like this in our society, or pay for their prison terms for life just because they are a broken toy, and we don't ever want them back in society. So what are we keeping them for?! To be humane?

Well, I think it is much more "Humane" to get rid of people like that for the general good of society.

Any other people feel this way? Then please feel free to re-post this in support of saving future lives.

Thank You,

Chuck Bastie

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