Monday, October 4, 2010

Fixing America RIGHT NOW

It's true what the elder generation say about us.

We are spoiled. We have too much, we take everything for granted, and don't value what we have. Our whole society has evolved to the point where "patience" is something you need only if you are a Doctor. (I actually DO know that Patients, and Patience are not spelled the same, but sound the same...)

Here's my point...

The United States is exactly that...

I'm tired of hearing that "Nothing has changed" in the past 2 years with regards to the USA. I mean, if you were to look at rebuilding an international company, a sport franchise, or anything close to comparable as this, you will know that IT TAKES TIME, right?!

Accountability is a bitch.

What nobody admits is that you elected a man like George W. Bush for TWO terms who really created all this mess in the first place. EIGHT years you had this loser run the economy not only of your own country, but THE WORLD!! Are you kidding me? Have you seen this man speak? He's an utter moron. No company in the world would hire this man to run a corporation, and yet he is the most powerful man in the world, in charge of the world's most powerful Armed Forces, and controlling the world economy. How in the world does a horrific leader like this man get control of our lives?

After his mistakes, you could have Superman himself come in behind to clean up the mess and it would take you a generation to do it. I mean, look at previous administrations in US History of how long it took to rebuild the country after bad Presidents. Pre-Lincoln, Harding, Hoover, Grant, just to name a few. It took a couple generations to fix those problems, and this was when the problems of the country weren't anywhere NEAR as close as bad as they are now.

So what makes you think that this can be fixed?

Ask somebody from post-war Germany how long they have had to put up with having a Horrible Leader. You NEVER recover from the mistakes of an administration as bad as that. And that's how bad George W. Bush screwed up and put the world in this situation.

So I don't want to hear about Obama being a bad President and how he's "done nothing" to fix the past 8 years of horror that the Republican leader created. You've lost your job, house, and career? All these things suck don't they? Well, maybe you will think twice about someone who promises to lower taxes. Americans get so very little value for their tax dollar, that to lower taxes is just stupidity. When you lower taxes, you are taking money from somewhere else.-It HAS to made up somewhere else. Who else has it to give? -The wealthy society that bitches for having to shell it out of their pockets. Well, the economy couldn't have hit their interests harder than the past 8 years are now. What do you think of your decision to elect Bush now?

So give me a break. I don't want to hear it. If you elected George W Bush, you have NO RIGHT to complain about the guy who has to clean up the mess. Similarly, would you like to arrive after an epic party, and having missed the good time, have to clean it up?! So what makes you think that being Obama is fun right now?

The answer is, it isn't. He is doing YOU a favour. In fact, I can't imagine why someone would want that job in the first place...

So the next time you wanna bitch about how your country sucks now, go talk to someone from post-war Germany, as to the horrors of a man who comes along and promises you the world, because the pied piper is going to come calling for payment.

And I hear his whistle playing right now...

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  1. Things have been done in the last few years, but not what you might expect. You have to take into account that since the Reagan administration, and his policies of pro-corporatism the United States has been left with a disjointed Income Tax system that has only left the divide between the rich and poor that much greater, and the amount of money that can be spent without creating a deficit that much smaller. Obama, is someone I would have voted for if I were an American. However, over the last two years, we have seen the largest jump in U.S National debt in the history of the country, officially pushing its debt to almost 7 trillion dollars higher than the GDP of the country, both PPP and nominal. It could be something good for America, as spending money on the right things could lead to a boom in the economy that could stick. But seeing as alot of the 9 trillion dollars that have been spent were on health care reform or infrastructure (especially infrastructure) in a military complex based country, and pulling out of major war zones, thus decreasing the need for military supplies, you are only creating a temporary solution, and are starving the nation of its financial basis.
    Should America be switching its role of economy? Ethically, I believe so. Can they do it? Perhaps, with the right leader. Unfortunately, Barack Obama is the face of charisma and not much else. He has made countless people believe in hope, while not focusing on the right areas of the economy. Perhaps he should focus on getting the 50,000 marines out of Japan that have been left there since WWII. Perhaps he should reduce the military budget, and focus on education, considering that the nation's education system has been falling at an alarming rate for more than two decades. Perhaps the health reform that he should be pushing for is a full socializing of the system.
    I agree with the sentiment of post secondary Germany, after the fall of Hitler, despite the fact that he boosted the economy and led the nation out of an enormous depression, the consequences of his war against humanity itself left the population in the same state as post WWI. Especially those left on the wrong side of the iron curtain.


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